A May away…

Instead of a day today, an apple a day, or May Day, I am feeling a May away.  I know it really doesn’t make sense, but May just snuck up on me.  I am not quite sure where in the world April went, nor do I remember much of April.  But May – I sometimes would like to wish May away.

This has been a long school year.  Not long as in days, but long as in uncertainties. With the world so hell-bent on bashing teachers and taking yet another contract with a zero percent raise even though I am teaching more minutes with more students, I am disheartened.  I guess it has been a long time coming; once the bottom drops out of the economy, teachers are the ones targeted.  I am not quite sure why this is.  Teachers that have Master’s degrees have just as much graduate education as attorneys, but we are making a quarter of those. Imagine if I charged students by the amount of questions they asked me or billed them on the time I spent out of the classroom assessing their work:  I would be rich!  Lol!  But, seriously speaking, I am disgusted and frightened by the state of education in our country.  People trust me with their most prized beings, their children, yet the occupation is not regarded as a prized role in society.  Sadly, we are constantly compared with other countries who only educate a small percentage of students.

So, in essence, the reason for my ramblings is because I am ready for summer.  I am ready to go on vacation, to not think about the state of affairs when it comes to merit pay, teacher salary or anything pertaining to those issues.  I am ready to sit in the sun with my SPF 30 on and chillax.  May away.

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