40 by 40

Here is the list of all I hope to accomplish in 365 days. On the big birthday. The four-o.

40 by 40

1. Live each day to the fullest
2. Lose 40
3. Go to Vegas
4. Buy a pair of Malanos
5. Take a photography class
6. Read 100 books in the year
7. Climb a rock wall
8. Visit Auburn
9. Get good family portraits that I don’t hate
10. Eat a good steak with my dad
11. Eat vegetables every day
12. Go to the state fair
13. Take a yoga class
14. Videotape and photograph my children more often
15. Finally finish our honeymoon video
16. Visit one friend from college
17. Have a couples massage
18. See ALL members of my extended family
19. Have a character breakfast at Disney
20. Organize all digital photos
21. Finish baby scrapbook of Luke
22. Save $50 a pay
23. Teach a tap class
24. Write on my blog at least weekly
25. Breed my Havanese, Maisy
26. Visit NYC and the 9/11 memorial
27. Clean out, organize, sell and donate ALL baby stuff
28. Learn how to play my uke
29. Organize unfinished part of basement
30. Actually use my gym membership
31. Write one real note/letter a week
32. Touch base (by phone, not just Facebook) a long distance friend each month
33. Play laser tag
34. Solve Super Mario Bros on the Wii
35. Visit each of my son’s classes and take them to lunch
36. Hang with my wolf pack at least once a month
37. Plan a great birthday celebration for my husband
38. Try out for a musical
39. Say no to things and not worry about hurting feelings when I do
40. Control what is in my control and let go what is not

Comment, reply, critique or send hugs!

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