I’m not ticklish on Mondays

I made this statement this morning.  My nine-year-old String Bean replies, “Is that possible?”   Smart kid.

Of course it is not possible, but it is funny.  Sometimes Mondays are annoying.  One of my favorite movies, Office Space, said it best when an annoying, overly happy co-worker (yes this can be me sometimes) states to someone who was obviously having a bad day, “It looks like you’ve got a case of the Mondays!”

Today is Monday and it wasn’t that bad.  It actually was like one of the “throw-away” Mondays in the summer.  As a teacher, summer Mondays are majestic; they are throw-aways since it is so easy to sleep late, chill with a cup of coffee while reading a beach novel on the Kindle and basically just smile because there is a full week of vacation ahead.    This Monday, however, there is only today followed by a four day work week including a 12 hour Thursday.  I am relishing today.

I decided to start the day by sleeping until 10:30.  It was amazing.  I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed except nature called.  Ha.  Tom made coffee and I milked that for another hour while watching the Today show and reading photography blogs. Tom made brunch, and I chilled.  It was like summer.  Ahhh.

Maybe when the kids get home, I can be ticklish on a Monday.  Lol.

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