Puppy love

Originally posted on my http://overlyenthusiastic.com photography blog, but I liked it so much and it rings true that I wanted to share it on my real blog!

I started a crusade in 2009.  It was to get a small dog.  I know this sounds silly, but I had to start early, do a lot of research on breeds, drool at the cute puppies every night on the computer and drive my husband crazy.  By April of 2010, I had succeeded in my mission (driving him crazy, of course!)  Seriously, it took a Dogs 101 episode on Animal Planet to do the trick.  Hey, whatever works, right?

Let me start from the beginning.  When I was a little girl, my grandmother Charlotte was dog-sitting an adorable white, fluffy Maltese dog named Sunny.  I thought there was nothing better than Sunny.  He was cute, smart and didn’t make my allergies flair up.  He was perfect.

Zoom through time almost (gulp) 25 years later.  All I could think about was that furry sweetheart, Sunny. I already had a golden retriever, Lucy (aka Lucifer), but she, too, made my allergies skyrocket (not in a good way!)  So, I started my quest to find the perfect dog for our family.  One that would settle in (hold her own) with my da, da, dah 80 pound golden, one that wouldn’t make my allergies sail into orbit and one I could hug like a teddy bear (very important!)  And then, low and behold, I found the perfect breed of dog.  The AKC Havanese.

Here’s the rub: no one knows this breed in Ohio.  NO ONE.  My dad and step-mom in Texas were very familiar with this breed (Texans love their dogs and are up on all the cool breeds – from big to really small).  They reinforced my decision.  Now, to get my husband on board.

I started dropping hints, leaving the internet up to Havanese breeder pages, taping Dogs 101 every week, and just talking about puppies.  Then – the lightbulb moment if you will – came to me.  I would start saying I wanted to have another child.

It worked.  In May of 2010, we picked out a beautiful little Havanese puppy from a great family in North Canton.  In July, we got to take her home.  She was white with caramel spots – they nicknamed her Mickey because her spots looked like Mickey Mouse’s head.  We, in turn, named her Maisy Rosalind because of Dr. Seuss and Shakespeare.  We are funny like that.  As she has gotten older, her spots have faded and she is almost all white, like that sweetheart Sunny from long ago.


My daughter


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