New Year’s Resolutions are for the Angry Birds Part 2

For the 2012, instead of doing a January 1 resolution, which is totally insane because how can one really commit to a resolution when coming down off of a total booze-filled festival of celebration, a total Christmas cookie sugar rush high?  How can one (me) be realistic about a goal and actually make it happen for the new year?

So this year, I have decided to make some realistic goals instead of solid resolutions.  (No pigs laughing just yet!)

Goal 1: Stick with something.  Anything.  So, if I write a day a week, or actually send out a real card once a month, that is good.  Maybe I will just organize photos, or even just take more pictures.  I might actually learn to play the ukelele I received for Christmas in 2010. I guess I will be more like the little blue birds in Angry Birds.  They can split into threes and do three different tasks, and still be OK even if they aren’t perfect at them.

Goal 2: Try not to eat like it is the Last Supper.  Food will be there and I need to refocus my thinking about it and savor it.  I do not live in a trough nor am I green.  (Oink oink sounds go here).

Goal 3: Give others the feedback that they need.  If I see something good, I need to say something.  I sometimes think, “I will have to let them know,” and then it is six months later and they have moved to Siberia like the white bird who lays an egg but you never see the bird again.  I need to give out lots of helpful eggs.

Goal 4: Get off the land of denial. I am old enough to be able to look at my bank balance, the scale, my closet, etc., and not be in denial.  This is real. It is here and now.  Everything is not a black “bomb” bird.  Nothing will blow up in my face, unless I keep denying things.

Goal 5: Share how much I value and appreciate others.  I think everyone can try to be better on this.  I know I need to be.  I may thank my boss for paying so I can have all of the Angry Bird games on my iPad.  😉

Goal 6: Try to accomplish some of the items on my 40 by 40 list.  Although many are unrealistic, I can try and hit some of them this year.  Maybe with a little bit of the yellow bird’s speed, I can accomplish more than I think.

Goal 7: Be me.  It is OK for me to be the everyday red bird.  People like me for me and I need not change for anyone else.  I am still reliable, trustworthy and fun. Besides, red is my color.

Hmmm.  I think Mark Twain (see yesterday’s post) would be OK with my goal list.  I guess I don’t need that cement mixer just yet.

Me, the red bird. 🙂

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