The Toilet Paper Roll Trilogy

There are many trilogies out there. The Matrix, Twilight, The Hunger Games, Back to the Future, the Terminator, Spider-man, Toy Story and the original Star Wars just to name a few.  And yet there is a special, yet very elusive, one called the Toilet Paper Roll Trilogy. It is the stages of the toilet paper roll and those who ignore it until, amazingly, the same person is forced to change it.  Again and again. I am sure it is not only an occurrence in my home, but in homes around the world, and it is the strangest, most frightening of all of the trilogies.  Ever.

Close to Disaster

This scary story begins teetering on the verge of insanity.  There is a roll, like the picture above, that is hanging on by it’s last few shreds of hope.  It will stay this way for approximately 36 hours in hope for rescue and renewal.  It is in a common used location – very centrally located if you will – and is highly noticeable.  Unbelievably, no one will go near it.  They are afraid to be the last one near it and they will go to great lengths to avoid it even if it means traveling up or down heavily carpeted staircases.

Peak of Desperation

But then, someone takes a desperate measure.  After over 48 hours, this is the condition it is left in (see picture above).  Still, the sad, pathetic roll is not complete.  It sits for over eight hours alone, naked and distressed.  No one will save it, no one will go near it, and no one will reach under the cabinet and get the special, cuddly-soft replacement.  No one except one exceptional hero rises from the shadows.  The Mom.

New Moon (or Back to Seeing Many Moons)

Magically, the last in the trilogy is the ultimate hero saving the day, making the bathroom and roll useful again.  The games are over, the loose ends are all tied up and, once again, the mom (aka Supermom) saves the day.  The Toilet Paper Roll Trilogy, maybe coming to a home near year.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

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