Feline Retirement Villa

Yesterday I received an email from our veterinarian sending Happy Birthday wishes to our cat, CC.  The email showed her age – 16 – and had a handy link for what to expect for cats who are 16.

Not thinking, I clicked on the link.  It said that CC was close to an 80-year-old in mind, body and spirit.  It also said to write down any strange behaviors she may be having.  It also said it was time to talk to the veterinarian to prepare “and make her comfortable” for her last years.  Geez.

Sixteen years ago I brought an adorable little calico cat home to my mom, Crazy Pat.  I was in that “I just got out of college and have no clue what to do with my life” phase and was living at home.  I knew it was only a matter of time before I would leave again, and thought the sweet kitten would be perfect for her.  My mom named her CC – or calico cat – and dearly loved her.  I moved out, and CC and Crazy Pat were very happy.  I got married and had a baby, and CC and Crazy Pat were still going strong.  But, when Crazy Pat got remarried, her husband was allergic.  CC came to live with me.

Looking at her birthday email, I realize that CC has been exhibiting strange behavior.  Last year, CC decided she no longer enjoyed being on the main floor of our home.  She sequestered herself upstairs, away from our dogs and the everyday happenings in the house.  She would and still will not venture downstairs come Hell or high water.  Apparently, the rooms upstairs are more “comfortable” for her, and she lives up there like it is her own personal studio apartment.  After yesterday’s email, my husband said that our upstairs has now turned into our very own feline retirement home.

There are some issues with the calico cat being upstairs and only upstairs.  She has a litter box and cat food up there, and we have to have a baby gate at the base of the steps so the dogs don’t enjoy the litter box and cat food.  I thought with my boys being seven and ten, I could do away with baby gates, but that has not come to pass.

Since CC is alone for most of the day, she gets pretty hyped up when we come upstairs.  Unfortunately, we are usually spending time upstairs sleeping.  Upstairs is not a hang-out spot in our home, but CC would like it to be.  Instead, she walks all over us as we are sleeping.  Literally walks on us.  It makes nighttime such a pleasure.

Is it normal for a cat to drink out of the toilet?  This is something I am going to put on my strange cat occurences list.  CC drinks out of the toilet, the sink and jumps in the shower after we get out to, you guessed it, drink water.  She does have a water bowl upstairs in her apartment, but that must not be filtered correctly.

CC is very busy.  When she is not being a night walker, she amuses herself by scratching on the bathroom door at 4:30 in the morning.  I keep a Webkinz (stuffed animal) cardinal on my nightstand, not because I am still 11-years-old, but to swiftly throw at the bathroom door so she will stop scratching on it to be let inside and visit her toilet water bowl.  Don’t call PETA on me yet…I don’t aim for her, just the door.  Strange?  Yes.

Thinking more about CC, I think she is nowhere near 80 in mind, body and spirit.  I actually think she is more like a new retiree, having fun, staying up late and just wanting to downsize.  I think I may wait a while to talk to the vet about her, and just hope for some more strange stories to share about her in the future.

CC enjoying her throne. This was taken by my fav pet sitter, who was surprised by the "strange" cat behavior.

15 thoughts on “Feline Retirement Villa

  1. I like CC. The line: ‘very own feline retirement home’ says it all. About drinking out of the toilet. My daughter’s cat does it, my cat did it, my friend’s cat does it. Wait a minute, are they all males. Hmm. Is there a pattern here?

    About nightime cat: I once had a cat whose fav time of night was after the household was asleep. We had a 2-story. He’d push the rubber ball down the stairs and watch it do thump, thump, thumpity, thum. Of course, he also taught the OTHER cat to play along. So they took turns. I had to hide the ball on them. But they weren’t deterred. I forget what, they found something else and I had to hide that. Funny afterwards but not during.

    Your cat IS a young retiree. Let him enjoy. He may have nine lives, but will only live ONE properly.

  2. We have cups of water around the house for our older cat to drink from. Our younger one does too, of course. I’ve had other of our “late” cats do that as well. We keep the toilet seats down, or the cats would undoubtedly drink out of them. Our cats love to play at night. We’ve also had night singers. One of our late cats used to jump over my husband’s head and then back again, over and back. Sometimes he would get up after three jumps, others days he made her wait until it was five jumps. One of our cats is “rehomed” from my daughter’s house because he had been the first “baby”, then came a dog, then my granddaughter, then another dog. He was NOT happy. He hides from strangers and lives mainly upstairs, though he does play at night downstairs–when we turn off all the lights. Cats can be unpredictable and they do change patterns. Enjoy CC and she will enjoy her retirement and later years.

  3. Sounds like you have the feline Betty White!

    Cats are wonderful. My boys remind my husband on a weekly basis how disappointing it is that he is allergic to both dogs and cats. When I counter with, “Do you think your dad should really have to risk using an inhaler daily?”, they respond, “He could always get allergy shots!”

    • A feline Betty White! Awesome! I, too, am allergic to both cats and dogs, but finally broke down and started weekly allergy shots. The shots, which do help, are somewhat inconvenient (and most days I do have to use the inhaler). All for the love of my Betty White calico cat and Muppet-like golden retriever. I did get a new puppy who I am not allergic to (she doesn’t shed).

  4. Thanks!

    So true…most people will never understand the struggles of the curly haired people. It’s good to know others who can relate!

  5. Your feline friend rocks!
    Our cat Felix lived to be 19! While she had a great life up until that point unfortunately, she used up her nine lives and made her way to a better place.
    Your post has served as a reminder of better days. Thank you.

  6. Thanks for the link. Oh YES! We have a lot in common. My Merlin would rather lick the shower than his water bowl too. We have to keep the bathroom door closed when we are showering. And the toilet-seats down.

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