An Exercise in Patience

I am the resident techie in our home.  I am the one who does all things like set the time on the DVD player to updating all of the computers.  I am the girl who makes sure that our stuff works — and texts/emails my handy-dandy, amazing tech guy at school if it doesn’t.  Word has spread about me throughout my family.  Now, I must say that my brother is the real tech guru in our family.  He is a genuine computer science engineer and his home computer system is something that Bill Gates himself would admire.  Unfortunately, we live two hours from each other, and I only live ten minutes from our mom, Crazy Pat.  When she needs tech help, who’s she gonna call?  Oh yeah, that would be me.

The Captain (my husband) and I live less than five minutes from his mother.  She keeps her baby ducklings close by and even The Captain’s brother, Coach, lives less than a mile from us.  We are little ducks all together, and I am the resident techie for his side of the family.  When they need help, who are they gonna call?  Oh yeah, that would be me.

The two moms, Crazy Pat and Salt, both got iPads for Christmas.  I can say that I very much helped in the matter.  I was there when Crazy Pat clicked the button and ordered hers (she bought it for herself for the holiday), and I orchestrated Salt’s iPad (her computer crashed and she needed something easier to use).  The Captain warned me that this iPad frenzy may not be a good idea.  He was concerned that they would call me day and night for help.  I assured him that the iPad was easy peasy lemon squeasy and there would be no way they could fail at handling it. The Captain grinned like The Grinch and turned back to organizing the mail on the counter.

All was well with the moms.  Happy was I because this was an area that I could really help them both on.  I happily set up their emails, wireless connections and Apple IDs.  I happily downloaded apps on their iPads that I knew they would love.  I happily put Salt’s favorite game Free Cell on her’s, and happily uploaded the Oprah magazine for CP’s (Crazy Pat’s). I even put App Start on each of their new toys so they could learn more about them on their own time.

Being proactive, and to show the naysayer The Captain that it was a great idea for the moms to have this technology, I scheduled an “instructional” day for both to sit down with me and learn the basics of the iPad.  I was excited.  I was ready to share my favorite things about the iPad with them.  Strangely, they both cancelled.  Salt had to go to my nephew’s basketball game and CP was headed to something having to do with the theater.  The Captain grinned and said, “I told you so.”  I glared at him and pretended I didn’t hear his less than subtle comment.  But, alas, he was right.  Again.

I tried to reschedule the meeting.  Crazy Pat actually stopped and met me at our local coffee shop.  She said she had only 30 minutes, so I needed to tell her everything in that time.  She laughed and giggled and asked all about my latte and basically did not hear/understand/listen to a thing I was saying.  Then she told me that I needed some foundation for the circles under my eyes and some blush to enhance my features, and I looked at my watch and said her 30 minutes was up.

After that episode, Salt started calling.  She can’t get her email working.  She can’t remember her password.  She doesn’t know why the free cell won’t open. When I asked her how long these things were going on, she replied that it had been over a week.  A week!  I asked why she waited to call me, and she said she didn’t want to bother me, but she was about ready to throw the “thing” out the window.  I begged her not to do that, and jumped in the car – in my pjs – and got her up and running again.

I must say, despite The Captain’s sarcasm, I am pleased that these two women would take the leap and use this technology.  I am proud of both of them.  I do know that I am the one who needs to take a deep breath and continue to lead them on this new adventure.  And have a little patience, too.

Patience, yeah yeah, a little patience.


8 thoughts on “An Exercise in Patience

  1. I am the computer “techie” in my household too. My husband has the capacity to learn, but not the will. I’ve had a few occasions when someone in my family–other than my husband–thought I was a computer guru. I get along okay, but I think it is because I use Apple products. They are definitely more user friendly.

    My dear mother, may she rest in peace, had NO tech ability. She could barely manage the microwave! My father bought her a computer (a Tandy) which totally befuddled her. He would have nothing to do with it. So, I was the one who had to help her. It was exhausting! You are very patient and kind to help your older relatives.

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