Digital Hoarder

I think I may be a hoarder.  A digital hoarder.

At first I thought I might be turning into a real hoarder – of stupid stuff.  I was cleaning out the unfinished side of our basement and found many random things.  The difference is that I really don’t give a crap about most of this odd assortment of basement junk – I just want to rid it from my house.  I have a post drafted about these items, almost as a farewell send off as they go on their merry adventure to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  But, these items are nothing compared to the digital “stuff” I have.

The truth of the matter is I hoard all things technology including, but not limited to, digital photos, data CDs, data DVDs and relics of different, more gentle, technology time period.

Digital Photos:  It doesn’t matter if it is a good picture, but if someone takes a digital photo of my child, I want the photo. Even if it is God awful garbage, I want it.  I feel like I need it.  It is my right, right?  If I take the boys to have their pictures taken, like maybe to Sears Portrait Studio, I buy the CD.  I never do a gosh-darn thing with it, but I have to have it.  I don’t know why I am so neurotic about this, but I am.  In fact, I almost start perspiring when I think they are going to toss it in the trash if I don’t buy it.  I need that digital photo DVD, CD or jpg.  I need it like a cop needs donuts, or like I need coffee before I start a day of teaching.

OK, maybe it is 27,000. Help!

Sadly, my digital photo hoarding problem is growing.  Currently, I have over 26,000 digital photos in iPhoto on my laptop.  I can’t delete them.  I back them up regularly, but for some odd reason, I don’t delete them out of iPhoto completely.  What if I need the picture of the martini from the lake house taken in 2007?  What if I want to post the picture of our neighbor’s daughter’s wedding bouquet from 2004 because I thought it was pretty? What if I need that photo of The Captain giving me the stink eye while doing yard work circa 2002?  I may need these pictures!  I can’t be impulsive and get rid of them.  Why?  Because I love them.  I need them.  I also may need an intervention soon.  But, hey, there is always a bright side to this psychoses!  My tech guys at school have learned a lot about iPhoto through me, mainly the fact that iPhoto actually can handle over 25,000 photos brilliantly.  Yep, I help with research through my digital photo hoarding.  I rock – digitally, that is.

Little Byte in all of her splendor.

I also hoard digital technology of yesteryear.  I have my original Apple computer.  My dad bought it for me in 1990.  It still turns on.  The monitor is black and white and does not have any internet connection.  I still think it is cute (not sure why) and I absolutely can’t get rid of it (because it is a part of me – like the need to order cheesecake in decent restaurants).           I found some of my college essays on my vintage Apple.  Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to get them off of the computer.  Bummer.  Anyone have a dot matrix printer with a gigantic cable to loan me?  Maybe then I can get the files off of the classic Apple, which I lovingly refer to as Little Byte.  Get it?  It’s little and has some bytes in it!  Little Byte?!  Clever?  Yes, for 1990.

What to do with the Palm Pilots of days gone by.  I remember strutting into my classroom my first year teaching with my Palm.  I thought I was a rock star who was going to forever change the face of education with the stroke of a stylus.  I think I may have carried it around for two weeks, and then found it again the last day of school when cleaning out my laptop case.  Move over, Palm.  Move right into my basement – the digital hoarding zone.

Lastly, I have floppy disks, Zip disks, hard disks, hard drives, DVDs and CDs full of I don’t know what.  I backed up before backing up was cool.  Problem is, in the wake of backing up, now there are almost zero ways to access the information (unless it is a DVD, CD or portable hard drive).  Plus, in my constant frenzy to back up things, I have back ups on back ups.  Looking through one of my external hard drives yesterday, I found I backed up the same folder of English 9 lessons SEVEN times.  The SAME folder.   Maybe I have a back up hoarding issue, too.

Crap.  The Captain just took a picture of Squishy and String Bean with his iPhone.  I sure hope he emails it to me…  What?  It was cute, OK?  Lol!  But seriously, he better. I need that digital picture.  Now.  😉

I got it! Relief. 27,001 and counting...

14 thoughts on “Digital Hoarder

  1. Technology, it’s a beautiful thing! I still have my Palm somewhere too. And of course only used it for a few weeks until something better came along. Now that I have an iPhone, I don’t know how I ever lived without it. 😉 lol

  2. You don’t need to get rid of anything. You need a museum. Can you add one on to your home? Then sell tickets to the Technologies of Yesteryear. I bet thousands would show up!

  3. I relate, I relate! Although I do occasionally toss old CDs or DVDs for software I haven’t used for years.Occasionally. But pictures? It costs nothing to save them – uness you want to get picky and count the cost of that bigger hard drive and another external hard drive (I currently have two of each, 500GB each for the hard drives, 500GB and 750GB for the externals).

  4. Talking about floppy disks and hard disks, I can’t do floppy but I still am hanging on to an OLD laptop that can read my little 1 mg, 3″ x 3″ diskettes. I also have a crate full of them. I haven’t looked at them in FOREVER so why am I hanging on to them. Maybe part of the problem is WHERE to recycle them, taking the time to sort through everything and then unloading it. Hmm. Can’t seem to find the time. I got you. A timely post indeed.

  5. I have tons of those 3×3 disks! Maybe if we combine ours, we could make a neat, eco-friendly addition. But seriously, I completely shrink from having to sort through this stuff. I think I need to acquire the services of my ultra-organized friend who throws stuff away without blinking.

  6. I am WITH YOU on this one! All the way!! I get upset when people forget to email me pics they have promised and I keep looking at this box of old floppy disks (which aren’t really floppy) and wondering “how can I convert these to cd?” I think I may need my own cloud… for all my pics…. I was thinking of an external hard-drive, but I am scared, what happens if something happens to it?? I may need another one to back that one up….

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