I do my own stunts

I fell at school last week.  I was walking down the hallway, and I slipped on a Skittle.  I am not sure who lost the red demon Skittle, but it knocked me down with the force of a 500 pound bag of Skittles.

These are strong, slippery little suckers.

It is really embarrassing to use the school hallways as a collision crash course.  Many students saw my mishap (sadly, they did not see the Skittle – stupid Skittle) and some even offered to help me up.  I was carrying things.  My coffee, for one, my laptop, for another.  I saved the laptop, lost the coffee.  Let’s say I was bitter for the remainder of the day, because it was good coffee.  Really good coffee.  Gone.

Luckily, my favorite Tech guy at school was absent.  Or, it may have been previewed many times due to the cameras in the hallway.  Maybe fast-forwarded, rewound, played in slow motion.  All of the fun that can come with someone falling on their buttocks in the main hallway.  Did I mention it was in the main hallway where there is the most traffic between class periods?  No?  Yes, it was.  Darn Skittle.

Save a laptop. Toss a coffee.

One fun thing I found out from falling down in the hallway:  It takes me longer to recuperate than it used to.  Over the weekend, I kept complaining about my knees (yes, those crashed down and impacted with the floor), my elbows (which is the epic save for my laptop), and my wrist (which, thanks the Skittle, was no match for the gravity that impaled my travel coffee mug into a locker).

Essence of today’s post:  Beware of Skittles, and know, that as we age, we may not bounce or bounce back as easily.  At least there isn’t video to prove this.

13 thoughts on “I do my own stunts

  1. How did I miss this epic event? Glad you are okay. Could you imageine the headline? Death by Skittle? Fantastic photo, by the way, of the coffee mug and laptop!

  2. I’m glad no video was caught and nothing has gone viral. That would be terrible. Darn Skittle. I hope no students re-enacted it all day in your honor. Students can be mean that way. I wasn’t or anything. My son would not come home and re-enact that either. Nuh-uh. Hope you recover, pride and all.

  3. Dang demon Skittles! I’m sorry about your fall! My best friend and I both fell this weekend too walking on slippery floors in the rain preparing for a baby shower. I was in pain all weekend as well, so I relate to this story so much! If there is ever a demon Skittle in my path I will fall on it. And maybe eat it to show it who wins!

  4. I fell too; I was walking the dog on Friday afternoon and my foot just went out from under me for no apparent reason (I blame my worn out shoes). I somehow managed to sprain a finger. I feel your pain, and I will try to watch for those darned Skittles and eat them before anyone slips on them.

  5. OUCH!!! I fell down the stairs in my house recently (luckily no one saw this) and I sat on the floor for a good 10 minutes, crying like a baby. I really felt like I had broken my arm and leg. It’s taken a while for the bruising to go away.
    In the past I nervously laughed at people when they fell, but NEVER again! Falling is incredibly painful and serious.
    I hope you’re okay? Ice is always a good thing, that’s what I was told.

  6. I live in fear of tripping and falling over something, anything. I’m overdue for a fall. I’ve escaped a lot of threats in my environment. Alas, I’ve found – like you – that there doesn’t have to be a large object to create the event. It can be something as small as a Skittle, or, in my case, nothing at all.

    Hope you feel better soon! I think our pride hurts far more than the bruises.

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