Why Act My Age?

Later this year I turn (gulp) 40.  And with this big birthday around the corner, I began thinking that maybe I should start acting my age.

Because here is the thing:  I don’t act my age.  I just don’t.  Mostly because I don’t know how an almost 40-year-old is supposed to act.  Is there a textbook on this or something I can download on my Kindle to explain how to act my age?  No?  Really, no?  Hmmm.  I didn’t think so.

Which brings me to my question, do I really need to act my age?

These are some things I am pondering.  So should an almost 40-year-old:

  • Skip or dance down the hallway if no one is around?
  • Enjoy a trip to Toys-R-Us as much as my dudes do?
  • Sing loudly and poorly and not be embarrassed even in the grocery store?
  • Say words like “cool,” “sweet” and “cute” frequently?
  • Sport a pony tail frequently?
  • Be mesmerized by glittery things (oooh, pretty!)?
  • Chew gum and blow bubbles?
  • Making up crazy car dances when certain songs come on like Train’s Drive By or Madonna’s Borderline?
  • Use hand gestures that resemble those of a 13-year-old drama queen?
  • Cry when people are mean to animals in movies?
  • Laugh really loud and not care who hears me (Valleygirl96 aka Brainvomit40 knows my laugh travels miles)?
  • Go to the midnight showings of all of the Twilight movies and the final two Harry Potter films (and consider dressing up for the latter)?
  • Giggle when the word fart or poop is mentioned?
  • Jump up and down when I am happy or excited about something?
  • Sneak Halloween candy from my dudes?
  • Take super silly pictures of random things on my iPhone (wanna see my picture of the rock that cracked my windshield)?
  • Screen calls from assorted people (sorry, Mom!)?
  • Take almost daily naps after school (thanks to The Captain this can happen!)?
  • Continue my text conversation with my brother that contains newly created words like poopalicious, poopapalooza and poopsicle?
  • Randomly speak in different accents (my Southern and New Jersey ones are best!)?
  • Give silly nicknames to everyone (Sorry again, Crazy Pat, I mean Mom!)?

I guess my final question is what is age appropriate? And who would be the role models of success to tell me and demonstrate the proper age I need to adjust to?  Because if I don’t have any idea, then I am just going to keep doing what I’m doing.  Like speaking in a Yoda voice and saying, “May the Fourth Be With You.”  Because, after all, Star Wars rocks, it is May 4th and I am a kid at heart.

62 thoughts on “Why Act My Age?

  1. I will continue to chew bubble gum, make poo jokes, and sport a pony tail if you will. And I’ve even got a few years on you. 😉

    A list like that could only come from a person who’s fun-loving and doesn’t take life too seriously. And that is never a bad thing. 🙂

  2. As far as I’m concerned, the things on your list are fun for ALL ages. If I have to stop doing those things, then in the words of Peter Pan, “I don’t wanna grow up.” Stop laughing at fart jokes? Pshaw! (Which would also make a funny-sounding fart, wouldn’t it? Hee hee!)

  3. Scrap the list. I’m W-A-Y older than you and still embarrass my 34-year-old daughter. Too bad, I say. You only live once. If you THINK of age, it will AGE you. Got it. Now, proceed what you were doing.

  4. Happy Birthday–I hope it’s great! I actually hated 39 and loved 40 (I got over my hangup the year before). But remember, it’s only a number. Just be yourself! Great post!

  5. I say keep doing what you’re doing. There are no rules. I’m older than you and break these things daily, regardless of what my girls think. I figure that eventually everyone will just write me off as that crazy-ass old lady who’s strange, yet kind of funny. I look forward to those days in a way, haha.

  6. The only rule I try to follow at 40plus is to leave a smile on peoples faces. You should do all of the above on your list whenever the spirit moves you. Come on in the water is fine. 🙂

  7. You are at the perfect age for all of those actions – it’s important to practice now, because when you are truly an old lady and you wear a purple dress and red hat you will be expected to act like that. That, and age is a relative thing and what is good for you is good for you at any age.

  8. I think the best thing about turning 40 is that finally you know what you want in life! Do what you feel like doing but be careful jumping up and down… there can be unfortunate consequences for a 40 year old woman who does that after drinking too many liquids!

  9. Happy upcoming Birthday! I’ve found my 40’s to be completely liberating. Plus, I really don’t care if people think my inner child has too much play time. Their just jealous! Play, Laugh, and Live!

  10. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes you should do all those things! I am all for growing older disgracefully… I fully intend to wear a t-shirt that says ‘fartknocker’ on it when I am sixty…

  11. I’ve always liked to say that we are not only the age we ARE…we’re also the ages that came before it. We should feel free to channel any earlier age we want, at any time. Happy Birthday!

  12. I have a theory that nobody actually grows up at all, they just pretend to because of peer pressure 😉 If you’re supposed to been grown up and responsible once you hit 40, I’m walking in front of a bus at 39.

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  14. Don’t worry about “acting your age” I may only be 20 but all around me all I hear is “maturity this, maturity that yada yada yada” I don’t care about all that stuff, sounds boring as hell to me, I’ll have enough time to be boring and grumpy when I’m old and start getting sick but for as long as my body works just fine and for as long as I’m still young I’m gonna enjoy all the things that I’m able to do now and society might frown down upon me but frankly I don’t care because I’m happy this way.

    My friends and I get all kinds of weird looks when we run around, chasing each other with sticks, pretending those sticks are swords just like we always did when we were kids, people roll their eyes when they see us play fighting outside or when we just go around calling each other names or making poo jokes or mum jokes or whatever and tell us to act our age or to grow up.

    People online do that too and they put you down just because you’re trying to have some fun like it’s illegal to smile and laugh.

    To get back to what I was saying about being old and grumpy, I’m obviously not a 100% serious about that but look at it this way, when you’re old you’re not gonna be able to do the things (as well) as you used to when you were young and that alone is a good enough reason to just have fun whenever you can because you might regret that you didn’t do it at that time when you’re old and it’s too late to get up and do it.

    Sorry if this got lengthy but what I’m saying is don’t ever change, you’re fucking awesome.

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