Under the Big Top

The end of a school year is a circus.

As teachers, we can fight it or we can embrace it.

A circus costume!

I am now embracing the big top and all of the eccentric things that can happen under it.

Students?  They are the audience after all. If it wasn’t for them, there wouldn’t be a show in the big top. Some do not like the show and are vocal about it. Some sneak out of the show never to be seen again. Some are there because they are waiting for the circus treats. Some are there to socialize with the animals – who may, in fact, be other students. Some cheer, some yell, some cry and some are silently waiting until the circus comes to a close.

The animals are ready.

Teachers?  They are the performers.  Some are masters at walking the tightrope.  Some are clowns, laughing and making the last days seem like a hilarious joy ride.  Some are the lion tamers.  They make sure all is well under the big top for the final performance, and navigate all of the hoops with ease.  There is the bearded lady who is counting down the minutes to summer and a good facial.  There is the strong man who willingly holds down the audience and makes sure they stay in their seats until the end of the show.  There are the trapeze artists (like me and The Captain) who feel as if they are on solid ground and the next moment feels the rush of the floor free-falling beneath them.  Swinging and balancing in the air until the final details are complete.  And lastly, there is the tired ringleader, who is hoping for a smooth and serious ending to a lengthy run.

Staff?  They are the tireless crew.  Some make sure the big top is successfully taken down, some clean the big top after the audience leaves and some ensure the big top will rise again.  Without the crew, the circus would not go on.  They are the planners, and the ones in the background who make things run.  Even though they are out of the spotlight, they make things happen.

Circus dogs are a must have.

All that is left is the circus dog, and a good trapeze artist always has one of these at home.

The circus will return, the performance will resume with a new audience, new faces and new tricks.

And that is the power of the big top.

***A brief side note:  This post is dedicated to one of the crew who has made my life as a teacher in my district wonderful.  He is the behind-the-scenes in all areas dealing with technology, and has taught me more than I can ever repay.  He is making a career move, and he will be greatly missed by me and the rest of the circus we call a district.

26 thoughts on “Under the Big Top

  1. I don’t know if teachers will take kindly to your comparison 🙂 but you aren’t so far from the truth. They are so much of performers that it is sometimes a shock to see them outside the stage, at a marketplace maybe.

    Thank you for visiting Rivers! Please do follow so that you can visit again!

    • I followed you! 🙂 I hope teachers don’t mind it, and since I am one, I sincerely believe we are on stage most of the day! Especially the teachers who want to make learning worthwhile for their students. Sometimes we have to “sell” our subject area to our audience. 😉

  2. Have fun with your last few days under the Big Top, before it’s all popcorn crumbs and elephant turds to be picked up… But then, ah, summer! I’m always so envious of couples who have the summer off together. I know you put in long hours during the school year, but having that much shared time together must be a huge bonus for your family.

  3. And like an acrobat, you are probably stretched so thin by this point that you will require daily massages to get back to normal. And then it will all start up again…

    • Yes – an acrobat is a perfect analogy for me right now! Plus, daily massages would be heavenly! 🙂 I am looking forward to a relaxing break – of course we are going to Disney this month, so relaxing may not happen until July.

  4. So who would be represented by the bears who wear little hats and skirts and drive tiny bicycles? ‘Cause that’s the person I’d like to meet…I’d also like to meet the bears.

    Great post, JeanDay! 😉

  5. Great analogy! Hope you’re enjoying the early days of your summer freedom and of course Disney! (Yes, I’ve worked my way backward from your most recent post just to be confusing.)

  6. I REALLY like the line about the bearded lady looking forward to a good facial – now that is amusing. Well, my four boys are home for the summer and it is their daily activity to see who can destroy the house with the most zest and vigor. I’m thinking summer break is overrated…

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