The Yes Mom

After watching, for the millionth time, Jim Carrey’s Yes Man, I began thinking about just saying yes to everything for a day.

Interesting prospect.  I just wonder how long it would take for folks to catch on.

Would you like to super size this? Yes.

Would you like to add a rental car with your hotel? Why, yes.

Would you buy me a puppy? Yes, of course.

But, seriously, some issues may arise from this.

At school: Mrs. M., can we leave the classroom and go to our cars and drive around for a while?

Mrs. M., can I be exempt from taking the final exam?

Mrs. M., can you buy me beer? Not gonna happen.

At home: Mommy, can you buy me the Lego Death Star for $499 bucks?

Mommy, can we get a giant boa constrictor?

Mommy, all first graders have a cell phone, so can I get one? Not gonna happen.

Maybe I am not ready to be a Yes Mom just yet… But maybe today, since we are in Walt Disney World, I can be a Yes Mom for one day.

Yes, I think that could work.  Just don’t let my dudes know about it, OK?  😉

The magic of saying yes – for one day!

17 thoughts on “The Yes Mom

  1. Yes, sometimes it would seem to be the easy way out to say yes to all of the questions. I used to ask”what do you think the answer will be?”. It worked every time! Of course, you and you brother were always so honest!

  2. I don’t know why I stopped getting notifications from you! ARGH!!! My accounts are all screwed up : ( Happy to hear that you’re in the greatest place on earth! Yay! I LOVE Disney World!
    If you’re gonna be a YES mom, Disney is the right place to do it.

  3. LOL 🙂 I watched this movie during a time in my life when I was feeling very much like a naysayer – I loved the spirit of it and try to incorporate it now, just makes everything so much more fun!

  4. I like to answer questions with questions; “Dad, can I have my fifth airsoft gun?” “How about a spanking instead?” “Dad, can I get a pocket knife?” “Do you need some more chores?” “Dad, I’m bored, can you take me somewhere again today?” “How’s that book you’re reading coming along?”

  5. my grandma gave me advice similar to the “yes” thing – she told me not to be so quick to say “no”….it did help, but in the long run I think it helped my sons negociating skills more than anything 😉

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