Do the Presidential Debate Dougie

Disco inferno with the healthcare strut, the economy twirl and, the ever popular, family values jazz square.

This past Wednesday was the ever famous (or infamous) presidential debate.

For the first time in my adult life, I didn’t watch them.  Instead, I mused as to what might make the debates more intriguing to watch.

I decided a dance off would be a better debate.

Here is my Facebook status from Wednesday night:

Oh, what a wonderful world.

In a dance off, each candidate could pick a popular dance move to perfect.  I am sure President Obama could rock it out with some of the latest moves, like the Dougie or the new Gangham Style.  And Mitt Romney might nail down a few moves such as The Electric Slide or even a country line dance to try and win over his Southern voters.  This would allow them both to loosen their ties and get groovin’.

Afterward, pros from Dancing With the Stars could come in and work with each candidate.  The prerequisite would be a patriotic tribute to the USA, and ties and stick suits would be tossed out in exchange for any silver lame, sequined costume with an American feel encompassing the good ol’ red, white and blue.  Each would have to perform an extensive tango, salsa and swing dance (for those voters who are still swinging on the fence).  The candidates would be judged on their technique, skill and comfort level.  There could even be a text vote for the best dance candidate.  Go star-spangled sequins and spandex!

After the Dancing with the Stars portion, the candidates would be added into a Broadway-style dance competition.  Talented Broadway choreographers would work with Mitt Romney to bring his own version of Patrick Swayze to Broadway’s might-be-produced Dirty Dancing.  After all, nobody puts Mitt in the corner.

Barack Obama would be introduced to the Broadway revival of Xanadu.  He would have crucial tap dancing sessions a la Gene Kelley as well as roller-skating stylings from Olivia Newton John.  Especially since roller-skating builds family values AND is part of a healthy lifestyle.

The final portion of the dance off would be the freestyle.  Each candidate would have to design a dance to represent America’s diversity.  The dance must be at least two minutes in length and should include, but not limited to, the Macarena, the twist (for the baby-boomers), the sprinkler (because who doesn’t like the sprinkler) and the running man.  Hey, even Mitt’s moonwalk and Barack’s Dougie might make for a standing ovation.  BTW, the Glee dancer is Harry Shum Jr.The celebrity judges would be:       MC Hammer (because we can’t touch this), J-Lo, Madonna, Conan O’Brien,  Jimmy Fallon (because he is my fav), the awesome Asian dancer from Glee and the mighty George Lucas because if George Lucas is there, it is a must-see, epic event.

It would be epic indeed.

28 thoughts on “Do the Presidential Debate Dougie

  1. Excellent idea! Not only for the dances but for the costumes they would don for the various moves. Might take the attention away from the gaffes that come out of their mouths. In fact, let’s have all politicians take part. 🙂

  2. hahaha! “Nobody puts Mitt in the corner!”
    I agree with Sandy. Mittens looks a little stiff just walking across the stage, and isn’t he like 67? (I know, he looks pretty good for his age).
    Obama would win for sure. I’m thinking if they had a child together he or she would be very attractive, right? LOL!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. There is just the one fly in the ointment….have you seen Mitt sing? Ok, really, it was some kind of Hebrew thing, but it was close enough to provide sufficient information about what his actual singing style might be. You can’t teach rhythm. But if someone could teach Mitt to sing or to dance, I’d vote for them on Election Day!

  4. You just might be onto something here! I would venture a guess that more Americans tune into Dancing With the Stars than the Presidential Debates. Your post reminded me of that YouTube video — the one where a man recreates all the famous dance moves over the decades in a short period of time. Have you seen it?

    • The Evolution of Dance – I love that YouTube video! You are right about more people watching Dancing With the Stars over the debates. Crazy world! I bet if we could text our votes in, more people would actually vote, too! 🙂

  5. The best part of a dance off debate would be “The Results Show” where someone gets voted off. The hour-long show would include various entertainers and culminate as Mitt and Barack are in the “Bottom Two” with their partners. And then then loser has to compete in the Hunger Games with all the incumbents who lost their congressional seats. Did I go too far?

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