The Bet

My husband, The Captain, and I had a bet.  I lost.

I must preface this by saying I knew I was going to lose.  I agreed to the bet on the undeniable fact that I was going to lose.  Heck, I actually wanted to lose.  But I made the bet anyway.

It was: whoever has the most shoes must buy a Keurig.

Going into this, I was aware of my not-so-small obsession collection of shoes.  I am not a shoe crazed maniac or anything (unless I am in DSW with a time limit), but I like shoes.  They always fit.  They always look good.  They are amazing.

Even this mug needs a Keurig.

But, I digress.  I wanted a Keurig.  Badly.  Since our visit to my dad’s home in Houston this past spring, the Keurig was on my mind.  It was so easy to use, and there are oh-so-many flavors to pick from.  It was like a home Starbucks where pajamas and bed-head hair were welcomed with open arms and good coffee creamer.  The Keurig was Heaven in a coffee maker.  I had to have one.

Summer approached quickly, and I couldn’t justify to The Captain why I needed to drop some cash on the Keurig.  Here is a sample of one of our little “discussions” on the topic:

“I really want a Keurig.”

“We have a coffee maker.  We don’t need a Keurig.  Plus, we are going on some vacations this summer,” he said.

“I really want a Keurig.”

“We don’t need a Keurig.  Stop it with the Keurig already.  Geez,” he stated, adding a classic eye roll for effect.

“I really, really want a Keurig.”  By this time, The Captain has left the building (or room if I must get technical).

So, I put on my thinking cap.  “I am going to get that Keurig if it is the last thing I do before the school year ends.”  And then I laughed.  Loud enough to sound like a complete maniac.  Game on, Captain, game on.

A few weeks later, after setting around hints like leaving the computer on pages advertising the Keurig and posting Keurig sale flyers on the family bulletin board, I came up with the ultimate plan.  “I’ll get you, my Keurig, and your little K-cups, too!”

The Captain’s shoes before the bet.

The Captain was standing in the kitchen (he really likes it there, but that is another post for another day), and I began tossing jibes at him.

“You know, for a guy, you really have a massive amount of shoes.”

“No I don’t.  You have tons of shoes,” he said as he began concentrating on loading the dishwasher perfectly.

“I think you have more shoes than I do.  Seriously.  When was the last time you counted your shoes?”

“What are you getting at?  I don’t have more shoes than you do.  No one but your mother has more shoes than you do,”  he said.

“I think you do.  Let’s bet on it,” I stated innocently as my plan was unfolding brilliantly!

“OK.  What do we win if we have the fewest shoes?” he asked.  Dang, I thought, this was way too easy.

“The loser buys a Keurig,” I replied trying to stop my pinkie finger from touching my lip a la Dr. Evil.

“You’re on,” he said, “but there are some stipulations.”

Ugh.  I thought. He is on to me.

“OK.  Spill,” I said, waiting for my plan to evaporate.

“All shoes count.  Even those we don’t wear, OK?” he said, looking to me as if I was going to challenge his little rules.

“Perfect,” I said with a grin spread from cheek to cheek knowing full well the outcome of this bet.

And, as I said, I lost.  My final shoe count was 126 (not including the shoes my mother had dropped off that were hiding in the trunk of my car).  His was 62, although I seem to recall that his was more like 82, but I won’t get technical today.

Home, sweet Keurig.

Surprisingly enough, we are both very much enjoying the Keurig.  My plan worked amazingly well.  Next time, I am going to go for something bigger.  A new TV perhaps.  Wahhahahaha!

50 thoughts on “The Bet

  1. i bet for a new computer in school days , for my maths grade.i got perfect 100 , and a new PC.Even my dad enjoyed that.
    well, you write simple and with touch of reality.
    keep writing.

  2. You are brilliant! I have wanted a Keurig for awhile and I keep having similar conversations with He-Who. The best part is I know he has more shoes than I do. 😉

  3. Sounds like a win-win for everyone. I have to admit, I had to look up what a Keurig was. I’m not a coffee drinker. Nor am I a shoe collector. I really need to lead a more exciting life. 🙂

  4. Hahah! Good one! You really showed him. I get like that too. Once I get a “notion,” as my husband calls it, I can’t let go of it until I have it in my possession. Now that you have planted the Keurig seed in my head, it’s just a matter of time before I have to get one, too! LOL!

  5. I read this at work on my iphone (the one I don’t know how to operate too and laughed so hard. you are so sneaky but hey, got that Keurig.. I am a tad envious as my boring Mr Coffee looks so outdated.. Enjoy that well-won machine 🙂

  6. Oh Captain, my Captian! Such a sucker! Lucky for me the Doc wants one. Christmas gift? We wouldn’t even be close on a bet like yours. I think the Doc has about 7 pairs of shoes. Seriously. 7.

  7. You are much kinder than me. I wouldn’t have bet, I might have had the discussion, maybe. But then I would have said, “fine you don’t want one when I buy it don’t even think of drinking any of my fabulous selections!”

  8. This is hilarious– and also very impressive. When I was teaching, we often talked about engaging students by using games or challenges to kind of trick them into learning. I think you managed a similar stunt with your husband. Notice in both cases, the results are positive! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  9. Wow, you guys have a lot of shoes! I think I have less than 10 pairs total, and half of them are sneakers! I’m guessing you’re now going to have less money to buy shoes now that you need to buy all these Keurig cups! 😉

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