Chasing Harry Potter (Legos)

My boys love Legos.  They LOVE them.  I can’t begin to describe this love, but it is very intense in their 11 and 8-year-old minds.  Legos are all over my finished basement.  I am not exaggerating this.  They are EVERYWHERE.  Seriously, I even found one on top of the toilet.  It was Yoda.  He was using the force to change the toilet paper roll (I wish!)

Have you ever stepped on a Lego?  It hurts more than a staple gun.  It is sheer pain, and, chances are, if you step on one, during your hopping and jumping and screaming, you will step on another.  Legos can cause serious injury.  You have been warned.

But, back to Lego Loves.  It is exciting when there are new Lego sets released. In fact, it is a feeding frenzy.  There are phrases such as, “Mom, I neeeeeeed this Lego set,” and, “I must have it today.  Can we go to Toys-R-Us?”  Pathetically, I get in on the action by saying things like, “Oh, yeah, that one is really cool,” and “Is Princess Leia included in that set? If so, we will have to get it!”

The Captain (my husband) gets frustrated with the Lego obsession.  His usual statements are, “Do we really need yet another Star Wars Lego set?” and, “Do we really even know what sets we have down there?”  (Side note:  Notice the “we” in his questions.  The “we” is not only directed at the dudes.  Oh, no.  Who has two thumbs and knows the “we” includes her?  Yeah, this girl.)

The Captain felt this way for a long time.  Until last November when Lego introduced the Harry Potter Hogwarts castle.

This set was the mecca of Lego wonderment.  It looked huge on the internet, and all of us (and I mean all) imagined ourselves in Hogwarts fighting along side of Harry defeating Valdomort.

It had to be ours.

And then, magic happened.  A coupon appeared in my inbox from the toy giant of all toy giants.  Thirty percent off all Legos (except Star Wars Legos, of course).  This was it! After all, who needed the Star Wars Legos when we could be at Hogwarts.  The magic, the mystery, the castle would be ours!  All ours!

So, I ventured to the palace of toys, grabbed the iconic castle and waltzed up to the register.  I presented my coupon and my rewards card (seriously, ten bucks off a later purchase – which would most likely be a Star Wars Lego set – was a supero dealio) and opened my wallet.

Panic.  No wallet was in my purse.  I proceeded to dump it out on the counter in front of the cashier.  Heat was rising in my face as I scrambled to remember where my wallet was.  Bells went off as I realized it was in another purse, and one I had carried for only a pathetic two hours that past weekend.

“Will you take a check?” I asked the cashier while he stared at the feminine hygiene products I was trying to sweep back into my purse.

“Yes, of course, with a driver’s license,” he said, stunned by the massive amount of lipstick, store receipts and gum wrappers that were plopped on the scanner.

“Well, that would be in my wallet, you see, which is in my other purse.  At home.  Thirty miles away,” I added the last bit more for effect.

“Sorry, m’am.  Can’t take a check without a license,” he said as he pulled the glorious castle from the bag.

“Stop!  Put that back!  I have a card in case of emergency – hang on and let me get it!”  Not only did he stop, but now the rest of the store is staring at the frantic woman who is pointing viciously at the cashier with the flashlight on her key chain.

The hallelujah choir began singing.  Birds chirped in the distance.  And a peaceful ocean breeze passed over me as I brought out the shiny blue card.

“Will this work?” I said, smiling like the Mad Hatter.

“Ah, sure,” said the cashier contemplating whether to finish the sale or have me committed.

As I walked out with the bag, glowing in my purchase, I shuddered when remembered the words once spoken to me by The Captain:

“Only use the emergency card in extreme emergencies.”

I stood there, keys in hand, glorious Lego castle encased in the brightly colored bag and paused for a moment thinking to myself: Does this qualify as an emergency?

Ode to the magic of Harry Potter.

It didn’t take me long to load the bag in my car and drive home with it.

I apologized to The Captain, but it wasn’t necessary.  Once he saw the amazing treasure, he, too, was wonder struck by its awesomeness.

Magical times.  Magical times indeed.

37 thoughts on “Chasing Harry Potter (Legos)

  1. My sons loved legos. I’ve saved them in boxes– can’t wait for the grandkids to discover their magic! I was never good at assembling the images on the boxes– we had a babysitter once who had the skill and patience… but mostly the boys tossed everything together and created their own scenarios.

  2. Oh, this is good! I have a CC for emergencies too! Sometimes I’ve had to use this “off limits” credit card for a discounted leather handbag. This qualifies as an emergency, right?

  3. I LOVED Legos growing up! Loved!!! I’m secretly hoping my kids won’t catch the bug though. We’re they always this expensive? When I go to a birthday party and hear the kid loves Legos I’m always like, Crap, we can MAYBE afford a tiny set he won’t care about.

    • You are right – for some reason, they have gotten so expensive! I search wildly for coupons to offset the cost a little bit. If your little ones do get into them, I recommend picking one of the themes (Star Wars, etc.) and sticking to it. We have a strange mix of Legos and I sometimes wish we would’ve stayed 100% Star Wars!

  4. LOL – too funny! I am glad you are all embracing the love of Legos. We, the youngest being 6 & 4 are not yet into the Lego love but are all about snap blocks and large building blocks. Glad you had your emergency credit card handy for what was totally an emergency situation. 🙂

  5. The only thing worse than stepping on a Lego is accidentally kneeling on one. Oh the pain!

    I find it so funny that all the boys in my house (husband included) fight to see the new Lego catalog every time it’s mailed to the house. We have a few of the HP sets, but the theme du jour is Lord of the Rings. Wonder if Santa is going to part with the big bucks to get some of those for us?

    And we would have categorized that as an emergency purchase. Just sayin’.

  6. I think it is amazing that you have children that still play with these toys that have been around forever and run on … imagination. It’s wonderful that you make it a family affair.

  7. Omg, that’s hilarious! And just a little embarrassing. But come on, that set looks awesome, so I don’t blame you one bit! I miss Legos. 😦 But yes, they are indeed one of the worse things to step on! Haha. 😀

  8. So glad I’m not the only one who’s done that. I once drove my kids and I thirty minutes away to the Melt Bar and Grilled (it’s an amazing sandwich restaurant that was once featured on Man Vs. Food–you’ve probably heard of it). When we got there, I had to park in a metered spot. I went into my purse to get change from my wallet, only to discover there was no wallet. Let’s just say I was less than pleased. The irony of the thing is that two weeks later, my husband took my kids there while I was at work–since they didn’t get to eat there with me–and HE forgot HIS wallet. We’re quite the couple, aren’t we?…

  9. I understand the Lego’s obsession, growing up we lived in Munich, Germany and there was a Lego’s land all things made from Lego’s. There were no Lego’s toys per se, just massive boxes of Lego’s. My brother and I had thousands of them, this was the 1960’s. My mother hated Lego’s, my father the engineer loved them.

    Your use of the emergency CC was justified.

    • Legos are definitely an obsession in my household. How neat to live in Munich and be able to go to Lego land! They are such a great toy – so many possibilities. Thank goodness for emergency credit cards!

  10. I would say that was an emergency! My daughter is already obsessed with legos as well. Stepping on them hurts, and so does rolling over them with your spine if you forget to look behind you in a rowdy game of flying baby! Great post.

    • OMG – Rolling on them could be considered a form of torture! I love the all of the new Legos sets marketed for girls – it is about time Lego realized they have a female audience, and they are so cute. 🙂

  11. I totally forgot about legos! My inner child wants to have a real child so that I can have an excuse to play with them. Maybe I’ll just buy some for my nephew. Who cares if he’s only one month old.

  12. We may pass a lot of things down to your boys, but, alas, the Legos will not be one of those things. We have a rubbermade tub in our basement – it’s the largest size, like toy-box sized, and it is full of Legos. This is in addition to all of the Star Wars sets Jake has put together over the years and still sit on shelves in his room. Star Wars Legos (and Harry Potter Legos) are the bomb! It was a total emergency!

  13. Love this post!! The wallet in the two hour purse…haha! I can relate to those kind of emergencies. Let me just say though, your family must be made of geniuses. I say that because in our family we suck at Legos. Sure, we’d buy the set, only to get home and never be able to duplicate what was on the cover of the box, frustration would ensue, and days later I’d be stepping on random pieces. (Holy crap, they hurt!)
    The fact that you guys actually know how to put all those little rectangles together to make Hogwart’s castle, well Jean, I’m impressed.

  14. I am so impressed that you had an emergency credit card, because I would have tried to pay with old Kohl’s coupons or some other random purse artifact. “Excuse me, would you take a half eaten Z-bar and a dozen crumpled up grocery lists?” I loved what HarperFaulkner said, though, I am totally going to do that if I ever encounter that situation… well, unless it’s way too expensive (which it kinda sounds like this was, ha ha). Great story, great post!

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