Boxing with Perception and Apples

I may rant a little bit today about poisoned apples, Mary Poppins, Snow White and clueless people.  Consider yourself warned.

Here goes:  Sadly, there are many people who have a skewed perception of themselves.

Me this morning before dealing with the wannabe.

In my school, there is one that I am on the brink of giving her a strong dose of reality.  I have turned from Mary Poppins to Snow White’s stepmother in a matter of hours due to her flighty behavior and the scads of students she has poisoned with her song.  I am about to give her the apple so she will shut the hell up.

Maybe you have one of these in your place of work.  Here are some of the underlying (or outward) tendencies they seem to possess:

1.  Think that their opinion is the right one.

2.  Can talk a good game, but can’t walk the walk.

3.  Believe that everyone wants to hear their side.

4.  Does not understand or comprehend any constructive criticism.

5.  Seems clueless about their own reality.

6.  May rationalize their behavior rendering it OK at all times.

7.  Believe they are doing their ultimate best, but, in reality, are mediocre.

8.  Can be found off task over 80% of the time.

9.  Sincerely think they are the sole source on a topic.

10.  Did I mention they can talk a good game?

Me a little later in the day.

So, I am bringing the evil witch out today.  I ended up calling this Snow White-wannabe on something she was saying to students.  Something that had not been approved by our administration.  Something that could have many repercussions.  She tried to talk her good game, but her game wasn’t working for me.  I pressed the issue.  She backed into a corner.  But, alas, she did not fall asleep after taking my apple.  Brainvomit40 also tried to wiggle some sense into the Snow-wannabe’s glass-enclosed head, but she couldn’t work her magic either.  Instead, Snow began ranting to others to join her failing dwarf parade.  I am going to have to give her yet another apple tomorrow…

Me at this very moment.

One day, I, too, would like to be blissfully unaware of my reality.  I, too, would like to float around, believe I am the epitome of knowledge and the source of all wisdom spews from my mouth.  I, too, would like to over rationalize my poor decisions to make them brand-spankin’ new and perfect.  But, honestly, I have a grip on reality.

To enjoy more stories of the lost touch with reality, Snow White-wannabe in my building, check out this post and this post and this post on my dear friend Brainvomit40’s site.  Brainvomit has a great perception, and a grip on reality, by the way.

Apples are ready for tomorrow.