Today is Jean Day Friday

One of my favorite bloggers, Tales from the Motherland, nominated me for a Liebster Award.  She is a wonderful writer, and I am truly honored for the nomination.

She made me laugh, however, with this comment: “…You’ve gotta tell me: why JeanDayFriday, when your name is Allison. Gotta know. ;-)

Surprisingly this is a question I get a lot. Sadly, the story is not too interesting.  But, I will share anyway, especially at the request of the amazing Dawn from Tales from the Motherland.

I wish this was a quirky tale, a fascinating one dealing with how the name of my blog arrived at me like a beacon of light.  I wish I could simply explain that my middle name is Jean, but, alas, it is not.  Truthfully, my blog name is nothing more than sheer desire to wear jeans to school each and every Friday. Oh yes.  That’s it.  Nothing more than honest vanity (or comfort).

A few years ago, my district began having jean days every Friday.  There was a dollar charge weekly, and those who paid, would get to wear jeans.  The dollars would go to something good for students – scholarships, fundraisers, etc.

At first, only a few people “bought” into the Friday jean-wearing craze.  But now, most participate and love it like I do.

So, each and every Thursday evening, my pal, Views from the Valley, and I would text something like this to each other: Tomorrow is jean day Friday!  Hooray!

This became a saying we used often.  If our Friday wasn’t going too well, we would say, “Hey, you know, it is Jean Day Friday!” Or if Thursday was less than desirable we would say, “At least tomorrow is Jean Day Friday!”

There are so many reasons this fit as my blog title.  For one, Fridays are just plain ol’ good days.  They signal the end of the work week, and the anticipation of the weekend.  Secondly, I dress professionally every day of the week, but Friday is a day where I can whip out the jeans and a school shirt and viola! I am ready for Friday!  Also, it is almost freeing in a strange, silly rebellious way.  I’m sporting jeans today and it’s Friday – Ha!  And most of all, it is something to look forward to, a glimmer of optimism/quirkiness and comfort.

So, I wanted my blog to give a similar mood, tone and feeling that I have when it is Jean Day Friday:  a quick, little smile in the week, and a reminder that it’s the little things that can make the days a bit brighter.

I wanted my blog to be fun and comfortable.  I wanted it to be a place where I could just be myself, close to the way I feel every Friday when I have my jeans on. I wanted it to be happy.  I hope it is some of those things.

Because it is Jean Day Friday after all.

Suz and I sporting on jeans on Friday.

Suz and I sporting on jeans on Friday.

Bloggus Interruptis

Bloggus Interruptis: when a blogger takes a blogging hiatus for a period over four weeks.  Some key words associated with Bloggus Interruptis: writer’s block, blog insecurity, Vegas vacation, beach cocktails and many barrels of red wine.

I took a little break from my blog this summer.  It was going to be a short hiatus, but turned into more than a month of bloggus interruptis.

These were  good beach drinks!

The reality has set in, all that is left of the beach drinks are little umbrellas, I need to push past the writer’s block, give up my blog insecurities and jump into jeandayfriday like I originally planned.  So, in the words of the Terminator, “I’m back.”

At the start of the summer, I set a few goals for myself.  One was to come up with a bi-weekly blog schedule.  The second was to exercise daily.  The third was to spend as much time with family and friends as possible.  I succeeded in only one of my goals: lucky number three.  Three is a magic number after all.

After getting behind on my blogging, I began to avoid it as I avoid scales and balancing my checkbook.  I would open the computer and see the WordPress bookmark on my bookmark toolbar and then gently close the computer and walk away.  I knew my blog was calling to me to write, but I began feeling insecure.  The inner voice started taunting me saying, “You don’t have anything to write about,” and, “Your writing is poopie,” and even, “You know you will be interrupted a million times so why even begin?”  Eventually, the inner voice got to me and I avoided my blog.

The inner voice started taunting my about the blogs I follow.  She would say, “You don’t have time to sit and read those and give them proper comments,” and, “The comments you make are silly,” and even, “How can you read all of these when you will be interrupted a million times?”  Darn the inner voice!

Bye bye inner voice!

So, as I mentioned, I’m back.  I have put the inner voice into a wine bottle, corked it and set it free in the high tides at Hilton Head.  It may find me again next summer, but hopefully I will have some strategies to deal with her nagging presence then.

But even with her on a journey to the ends of the ocean, I still have some questions for my fellow bloggers.

1.  How do you crush the inner voice of doubt?

2.  How do you manage the blogs you follow and give them a fair shake?

3.  What is a good blogging schedule?  Once or twice a week? Or more?

and lastly, 4.  How was your summer?

Shark Tag

String Bean came home yesterday and informed me about a new game they play at recess called Shark Attack Tag.

Good thing these sharks stay in the tank!

Shark Tag is similar to the game of tag, but apparently there are rules pertaining to sharks.  I asked him if biting was one of the rules, and he said no.  I asked him if they had to run around miming a shark fin on their heads, and he said no.  I asked him if they hummed the music to Jaws while running, and he said no.  I asked him what is the big deal about Shark Tag, and he said you can tag lots of people to be “it” with you.  Oh.

I had a vision of many kids on the playground singing Jimmy Buffet “Fins to the left, fins to the right,” gleefully tagging other kids to join in song.  I must stop watching Glee.

The subject of Shark Tag was ironic also in the fact that Laughing at Everyday Life tagged me in a tag-your-it post.

Not unlike Shark Tag, there are specific rules (none involving any Jimmy Buffet tunes, though. Bummer).

  • The rules have to be posted
  • Answer the questions the tagger posted for you
  • Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged
  • Tag eleven people with a link to your post
  • Give them a heads up that you tagged them

1.  Who is the one person you can 100% guarantee will make you laugh when you need it?  I would have to say my little dude, Squishy.  He is seven and full of funny saying, facial expressions and voices.
2.  What is something that your friends and family laugh at that you do?  They laugh at me.  Seriously.  No, just kidding.  They laugh at my stories and impressions of other people.  Sometimes they laugh when I switch accents from Ohio to New Jersey to New Orleans.  This can happen when I am really into telling a story and mostly by accident.
3. Pajamas in public – are you for them or against them?  I would say I am not a fan of real pajamas in public, although I do have some black pj pants that don’t look like pj pants I wear sometimes.  My bffs in my wolf pack all have a pair of these and we try and wear them on the same day as if we are still teenagers with braces on.                                                                                             4. Blackberry, Android, iPhone or some cheap little phone that does nothing but let you talk and maybe text on it? I am a Mac person, so I broke down in September and got an iPhone.  I have never looked back.  My Crackberry was fritzy and always needed attention.  The iPhone has been a dream.
5. What is the one thing if someone took away from you that you would throw a 2 year old temper tantrum on the floor crying fit over? I would throw an ultimate tantrum if someone took away my Kindle.  I love reading, and I would be lost without it.  Plus, it saves my place.  I have been known to have a temper tantrum when someone removed my bookmark.  😉
6. When was the last time you had a giggling fit? And do you remember why?  I had a giggling fit at school last week.  Sometimes teenagers are very surprising, and I have quite a group in my last period of the day Public Speaking class.  They have a great way of making me laugh (and also getting me completely off topic).
7. Have you ever worn socks with little toes in them?  I remember getting a pair of those from my grandmother many moons ago.  I think I put them on once and they found their way to the hamper and then to the bottom of my sock drawer never to be heard from again.
8.  Do you have any animals? If so, what species are they and why did you name them what you did? I have a cat named CC, because she is a calico cat.  I didn’t name her, my mom did.  I have a golden retriever named Luciana Juliet, but we call her Lucy or Lucifer if she is bad.  I have a Havanese puppy named Maisy Rosalind.  We really like Shakespeare names for our pets, mainly because both The Captain and I are English teachers.  I used to have a golden retriever named Romeo, or Romy for short, but he passed away two years ago.
9. Have you ever accidentally / on purpose / will never admit it – tripped your kid?  I have accidentally tripped both of them, but usually I am the one who gets tripped either by the kids or the dogs.  Funny how that works out.  It seems as if our golden knows exactly where to plant herself to ensure I will trip straight over her.
10.  If your high school would have seen how you turned out, what would they have put in your year book? What title would you have?  Hmmm.  That is tough.  I got the Biggest Flirt and Best Dressed awards in my senior class. I told them I should have received the Goofiest or Silliest award.  Maybe they would see that holds true more than those other silly awards.
11. Would you have preferred serious questions or goofy ones like these? (even though your vote is too late)  Goofy is good.  See my #10.  🙂

Now, according to said rules, I must make up 11 questions and tag some awesome blogs.

Good apples. Really good apples.

But, I am adding something to the rules – I am passing on the Good Apple Award to these folks, too.  You are all good apples in my book.  🙂  Here are my questions for you and the jpg to put on your blog (right click and save the image to your desktop):

1.  If you could be any literary character for a day, who would you choose and why?

2.  If time travel was possible, where would you like to visit?

3.  What is your biggest pet peeve?

4.  Do you have a nickname now or from childhood?  How did you get it?

5.  What is your favorite book of all time?

6.  If you had the power, what is one change you would make in this world?

7.  Would you prefer jelly beans, Cadbury cream eggs or Reese’s eggs?  Why?

8.  If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

9.  Describe yourself in three adjectives.

10. Do you prefer Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games or Lord of the Rings?  Why?

11.  What is your favorite musical and why?

Whew.  That was tough.  Here are the lucky ones who are in my school of fish, I mean, tag – you’re it! And you get an award, too!

I would also like to pass this award to Jonesin’ After 40 who is amazing, but very busy right now, and to Laughing at Everyday Life who tagged me and made up all the questions for me to answer above!  🙂

Guess what?  Shark Tag commences!