Boxing with Perception and Apples

I may rant a little bit today about poisoned apples, Mary Poppins, Snow White and clueless people.  Consider yourself warned.

Here goes:  Sadly, there are many people who have a skewed perception of themselves.

Me this morning before dealing with the wannabe.

In my school, there is one that I am on the brink of giving her a strong dose of reality.  I have turned from Mary Poppins to Snow White’s stepmother in a matter of hours due to her flighty behavior and the scads of students she has poisoned with her song.  I am about to give her the apple so she will shut the hell up.

Maybe you have one of these in your place of work.  Here are some of the underlying (or outward) tendencies they seem to possess:

1.  Think that their opinion is the right one.

2.  Can talk a good game, but can’t walk the walk.

3.  Believe that everyone wants to hear their side.

4.  Does not understand or comprehend any constructive criticism.

5.  Seems clueless about their own reality.

6.  May rationalize their behavior rendering it OK at all times.

7.  Believe they are doing their ultimate best, but, in reality, are mediocre.

8.  Can be found off task over 80% of the time.

9.  Sincerely think they are the sole source on a topic.

10.  Did I mention they can talk a good game?

Me a little later in the day.

So, I am bringing the evil witch out today.  I ended up calling this Snow White-wannabe on something she was saying to students.  Something that had not been approved by our administration.  Something that could have many repercussions.  She tried to talk her good game, but her game wasn’t working for me.  I pressed the issue.  She backed into a corner.  But, alas, she did not fall asleep after taking my apple.  Brainvomit40 also tried to wiggle some sense into the Snow-wannabe’s glass-enclosed head, but she couldn’t work her magic either.  Instead, Snow began ranting to others to join her failing dwarf parade.  I am going to have to give her yet another apple tomorrow…

Me at this very moment.

One day, I, too, would like to be blissfully unaware of my reality.  I, too, would like to float around, believe I am the epitome of knowledge and the source of all wisdom spews from my mouth.  I, too, would like to over rationalize my poor decisions to make them brand-spankin’ new and perfect.  But, honestly, I have a grip on reality.

To enjoy more stories of the lost touch with reality, Snow White-wannabe in my building, check out this post and this post and this post on my dear friend Brainvomit40’s site.  Brainvomit has a great perception, and a grip on reality, by the way.

Apples are ready for tomorrow.


Pooh are You?

To the tune of The Who’s Who Are You:  Pooh are you?  Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh.  I really want to know…

What Pooh Are You?  This question was posed to brainvomit40 and I during the school day last week.  I was going on and on about a certain student acting like Eeyore, and Suz was talking about one who was like Pooh.  It was a perfect question and ideal for a manic Monday’s blog entry.

"Say, I'm so happy I feel like bouncing!"

Over the weekend, it was posted on my Facebook saying that I would be Tigger.  OK, I thought, I can handle Tigger.  Tigger is cute – he has stripes, he’s a tiger, he is bouncy.  I am sure that sometimes I really could be a little like Tigger.  Bounce, bounce, bounce.

But the real question is, what Pooh are you?  High school students can easily be put into Pooh categories.  As I mentioned earlier, I have an Eeyore, but I also have all of the other Pooh characters as students.  There is always at least one of each of Christopher Robin’s friends every school year.

I have an Eeyore during my first period class.  In their mind, nothing goes well for them.  The Eeyores never have a good day, and are frequently seen visiting the counseling office because they can’t find their tail.  Again. The Eeyores mumble, and physically show their feelings.  When disciplining an Eeyore, it may require chocolate or some other incentive so they don’t droop down to the floor and give up all hope.

I have a Rabbit.  He knows all and doesn’t hesitate to share it with everyone.  He firmly believes he is smarter than everyone around him – including me.  He, however, does not want people to think he is pushy or a know-it-all and will defend, defend, defend until the cows (or his Pooh friends) come home.

I have a Piglet.  This is a student who gets very excited, eager, basically thrilled about everything.  They have a thousand questions, always needing constant reinforcement and encouragement. Yet, this student is timid with the Rabbit and doesn’t understand the Eeyore.  This student will not voice how very excited, eager, basically thrilled he is because that is not in his nature.  He is a usually a sweetheart.

I have an Owl.  Owls are special because they always know the right thing to say at the right time.  Sometimes, the owls keep talking and don’t know when to stop.  This student will speak until they realize their audience is totally gone.  Then, they will fluff their wings and move on to another group.  The owl is friends with many, however many stop listening soon after the owl starts talking.

I have many Kangas.  This student is the mommy figure who takes some of the Poohs, Eeyores, Piglets and Tiggers under their wings (or in their pouch).  Kangas are special because they are not afraid of the Rabbits and will basically stick up for all of the characters, not just the ones they hold closest to their chests.

I have some Roos.  Roo is a cute little guy who will always want to play.  Roo students are easily distracted and can run with the Tiggers of the world.  Roos also get along with Rabbit, which says a lot considering the Rabbit students are, well, you know, bossy!

I have a Tigger (and apparently I am a Tigger according to our school counselor who knows best).  Tiggers have tons of energy and want to make people feel happy.  They are confident, “The wonderful thing about Tiggers is that Tiggers are a wonderful thing.”  They are proud to be their own person.  They may be entirely too enthusiastic for some.  Like my former boss, for example.

I have a Pooh.  The curious student, who really is concerned with the simple things like, “When is lunch?” or “Do you think we will have a snow day tomorrow?”  Pooh always has random questions that come out of left field.  The Poohs are always thinking about something simple.  Like how many minutes until the bell rings.

So, what Pooh are you?

My own Tigger and Pooh.

C is for Coffee

Every morning during the school year there is one thing I enjoy the most.  It is having a good cup of coffee.   I know that this may not seem like much, but I love good coffee.  And I won’t stop there – I love good coffee creamer and sugar in the raw.  Mmmm.

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law know this about me.  It is weird that they know I love coffee, but they do.  On a family trip to Disney, I saw this awesome coffee mug.  Now, travel mugs is actually something I use every single day during the school year.  As I mentioned above, it makes my morning.  But my husband, being cranky because it was the last day at Disney and we were shopping for last minute purchases, said that he would not buy me this mug.  Uncool.  That was July.

On my birthday, in September, my sister-in-law Lisa and my nephews stopped by to drop off my present.  She was giggling like crazy and practically shouted to me to open the present.  I pulled out the “Mine” mug that I coveted at Disney and hugged her immediately.  Hooray!

So here it is, on my desk at school, in all of it’s splendor.  Mine.

Making the morning grrrrrreat!