Chain letters of the future

In 2009, when Facebook was very new to me, everyone submitted these “notes” that reminded me of chain letters from yesteryear.  Chain letters are to the 80s and early 90s as “please forward or you will have bad luck forever” emails are to the 2000s. 

So, I felt obligated (forced) to fill this out and then post it on Facebook to enlighten (appease) the friends that I had found again.

25 Random Things About Me…

1. I was born in New Orleans and took many trips there during college! 😉

2. I have lived in many states: LA, TX, MO, NJ, AL, OH

3. My mom actually fixed me up with my husband. “Al, I think you should stop by the theatre and meet this good looking guy in my cast. He just moved back to the area…”

4. Sometimes when I am quoting other people (like in #3), I use South Park voices for them. (Sorry, Mom!)

5. My brother-in-law (my husband’s brother) is a head football coach! And on the flip side –

6. My husband is the theatre director at the high school where he teaches!

7. I love the beaches of North Carolina and am a particular fan of Duck, NC.

8. I have a minivan. I know, no glamour, but it is cool, leather seats, DVD, loaded! The kids love it (and it drives nice – Go Honda!)

9. I am addicted to Macs. I love Mac. I love iLife. I love all things Mac. Mac, Mac, Mac.

10. On my sweet Mac (thank you glorious SV Tech guys) I have 13, 884 photos. I try to organize by month. Did I mention that I am addicted to digital photography? (As of today, two years later, I have over 25,000 pictures in iPhoto. Yikes.)

11. My husband does the majority of the cooking and cleaning. He is so much better at cooking than I am or ever will be!

12. There is one thing I can cook well. I am the pancake flipping queen. We have a Saturday morning pancake tradition, and I have only lost one pancake to the floor (but the dog was happy!)

13. I usually hate going to the grocery store, but in the summer when I am out of school, I love going. I hear it calling me – Giant Eagle Fuel Perks!

14. When I was working in Public Relations, I received an evaluation that stated in the weaknesses section: “Entirely too enthusiastic.” I now have that statement engraved on my iPod.

15. I love superhero movies. I love them. I love all of them such as Batman, Fantastic Four, Superman, X-Men, but most of all, Spiderman. “With great power comes great responsibility.” What an awesome motto for our USA, don’t cha think?!

16. I would choose red wine over dessert any day.

17. This past November, I became a National Board Certified Teacher! Hooray!

18. I have been a fan of the show ER since it started, and I will cry when it ends this year.  (I miss ER.  Forget Grey’s, I want me some ER.)

19. I love Sharpie markers and colorful Post-it notes.

20. We used to own a Victorian home. (Did anyone see the film “The Money Pit”? Yeah, well I lived it.)

21. I like cheese.  A lot.

22. I am secretly addicted to “The Bachelor” and wish I knew of someone to nominate to be on the show because I would write them one heck of a recommendation letter!

23. I named our son Luke not just because it is Biblical, but more because of Star Wars. May the Force be with all of you!

24. I love pets, but I am allergic to most of them.

25. I secretly listen to Duran Duran when no one is home.