Pooh are You?

To the tune of The Who’s Who Are You:  Pooh are you?  Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh.  I really want to know…

What Pooh Are You?  This question was posed to brainvomit40 and I during the school day last week.  I was going on and on about a certain student acting like Eeyore, and Suz was talking about one who was like Pooh.  It was a perfect question and ideal for a manic Monday’s blog entry.

"Say, I'm so happy I feel like bouncing!"

Over the weekend, it was posted on my Facebook saying that I would be Tigger.  OK, I thought, I can handle Tigger.  Tigger is cute – he has stripes, he’s a tiger, he is bouncy.  I am sure that sometimes I really could be a little like Tigger.  Bounce, bounce, bounce.

But the real question is, what Pooh are you?  High school students can easily be put into Pooh categories.  As I mentioned earlier, I have an Eeyore, but I also have all of the other Pooh characters as students.  There is always at least one of each of Christopher Robin’s friends every school year.

I have an Eeyore during my first period class.  In their mind, nothing goes well for them.  The Eeyores never have a good day, and are frequently seen visiting the counseling office because they can’t find their tail.  Again. The Eeyores mumble, and physically show their feelings.  When disciplining an Eeyore, it may require chocolate or some other incentive so they don’t droop down to the floor and give up all hope.

I have a Rabbit.  He knows all and doesn’t hesitate to share it with everyone.  He firmly believes he is smarter than everyone around him – including me.  He, however, does not want people to think he is pushy or a know-it-all and will defend, defend, defend until the cows (or his Pooh friends) come home.

I have a Piglet.  This is a student who gets very excited, eager, basically thrilled about everything.  They have a thousand questions, always needing constant reinforcement and encouragement. Yet, this student is timid with the Rabbit and doesn’t understand the Eeyore.  This student will not voice how very excited, eager, basically thrilled he is because that is not in his nature.  He is a usually a sweetheart.

I have an Owl.  Owls are special because they always know the right thing to say at the right time.  Sometimes, the owls keep talking and don’t know when to stop.  This student will speak until they realize their audience is totally gone.  Then, they will fluff their wings and move on to another group.  The owl is friends with many, however many stop listening soon after the owl starts talking.

I have many Kangas.  This student is the mommy figure who takes some of the Poohs, Eeyores, Piglets and Tiggers under their wings (or in their pouch).  Kangas are special because they are not afraid of the Rabbits and will basically stick up for all of the characters, not just the ones they hold closest to their chests.

I have some Roos.  Roo is a cute little guy who will always want to play.  Roo students are easily distracted and can run with the Tiggers of the world.  Roos also get along with Rabbit, which says a lot considering the Rabbit students are, well, you know, bossy!

I have a Tigger (and apparently I am a Tigger according to our school counselor who knows best).  Tiggers have tons of energy and want to make people feel happy.  They are confident, “The wonderful thing about Tiggers is that Tiggers are a wonderful thing.”  They are proud to be their own person.  They may be entirely too enthusiastic for some.  Like my former boss, for example.

I have a Pooh.  The curious student, who really is concerned with the simple things like, “When is lunch?” or “Do you think we will have a snow day tomorrow?”  Pooh always has random questions that come out of left field.  The Poohs are always thinking about something simple.  Like how many minutes until the bell rings.

So, what Pooh are you?

My own Tigger and Pooh.

Hair on Hair

This weekend has been a progressive bad hair day.   Saturday evening we were invited to go to a masquerade ball.  It actually is just a fundraising dinner at the community country club and people dressed pretty and wore masks.  Mine was from my birthplace of New Orleans and was quite festive.  There was a photographer there and pictures were mandatory.  Look, I am not normally camera-shy, but I was having a bad hair night and I just wasn’t into it.  At all.

After the “ball,” we headed home to catch up on some DVR stuff (like this week’s favorite, Grimm), and my phone started to light up like a vacancy sign at Myrtle Beach.  Plink, plink, plink.  I grabbed it, muttering about who would be texting me so late, and then I realized: someone was Facebook tagging me in the pictures from the event.  Bad hair and all.  Super.

Side note:  I am very particular about the pictures of me that go on Facebook.  It is not that I am hiding my identity or true self, it is just that I like to be the one to tag myself.  It is just a thing I have.  Sometimes it feels like Facebook is a little TMI instead of being something that I can control.  Also, the person who tagged me in all of the pictures WASN’T EVEN AT THE FUNCTION.  Creepy.

Truth is, I am growing out my hair for Locks of Love.  However, I am a horrible hair stylist.  I did not pass Go or Collect 500 dollars in the school of how to do my own hair.  Thank goodness it is naturally wavy because I really don’t have to do much to it.  For a formal function, though, I am (and was last night) at a loss.

Sunday, the hair issue continued.  Mine ended up in a loose, twisty pony tail and stayed that way all the way up to Cleveland.  We are season ticket holders for the Broadway Series of shows in Cleveland at Playhouse Square and today’s show was the Broadway revival of Hair.  How fitting.

The show was what I expected – peace, love, happiness, war protests and “long beautiful hair, shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen, down to there, hair.”  There is a thing about this show.  Historically, it has a nude scene in it.  Totally naked, not PG, not PG-13, but nude as the day they were born naked.  I wondered, would Hair in Cleveland be like Hair in NYC?  Would Hair show all the hair?  Would Hair take it to that level in Cleveland during a Sunday matinée?  Now, I have seen shows that sported hair – in New York, but never in Cleveland.  So, I was curious.  Was Hair going to be all that Hair is traditionally supposed to be?  Well, now that I have piqued (or peaked – wink wink) interest, I will tell you.  In a moment.  I need to savor this second.  OK.  Time’s up.

Yes the cast of Hair bared all.  For a brief moment, under very low, blue-tinted lighting, they did drop trousers.  And then it was over.  Pretty anti-climatic (no pun intended) leaving me to wonder if it was really all there.  Hair.

When I got home, I took my hair out of the pony, put my Playbill away and placed my mask in the van to take to school and hang up on my bulletin board (because, like doing my hair, I stink at decorating bulletin boards).  I passed a mirror and thought, my hair isn’t too bad at all.  Like a masquerade, my hair can be something to hide behind, but, like the musical Hair, it is also part of my identity.  So I will just let it go.  For now.

“Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
Flow it, show it
Long as God can grow it
My hair.”

One of the masks from the "Ball of Bad Hair."

Peace, love and let the sunshine in.

Chain letters of the future

In 2009, when Facebook was very new to me, everyone submitted these “notes” that reminded me of chain letters from yesteryear.  Chain letters are to the 80s and early 90s as “please forward or you will have bad luck forever” emails are to the 2000s. 

So, I felt obligated (forced) to fill this out and then post it on Facebook to enlighten (appease) the friends that I had found again.

25 Random Things About Me…

1. I was born in New Orleans and took many trips there during college! 😉

2. I have lived in many states: LA, TX, MO, NJ, AL, OH

3. My mom actually fixed me up with my husband. “Al, I think you should stop by the theatre and meet this good looking guy in my cast. He just moved back to the area…”

4. Sometimes when I am quoting other people (like in #3), I use South Park voices for them. (Sorry, Mom!)

5. My brother-in-law (my husband’s brother) is a head football coach! And on the flip side –

6. My husband is the theatre director at the high school where he teaches!

7. I love the beaches of North Carolina and am a particular fan of Duck, NC.

8. I have a minivan. I know, no glamour, but it is cool, leather seats, DVD, loaded! The kids love it (and it drives nice – Go Honda!)

9. I am addicted to Macs. I love Mac. I love iLife. I love all things Mac. Mac, Mac, Mac.

10. On my sweet Mac (thank you glorious SV Tech guys) I have 13, 884 photos. I try to organize by month. Did I mention that I am addicted to digital photography? (As of today, two years later, I have over 25,000 pictures in iPhoto. Yikes.)

11. My husband does the majority of the cooking and cleaning. He is so much better at cooking than I am or ever will be!

12. There is one thing I can cook well. I am the pancake flipping queen. We have a Saturday morning pancake tradition, and I have only lost one pancake to the floor (but the dog was happy!)

13. I usually hate going to the grocery store, but in the summer when I am out of school, I love going. I hear it calling me – Giant Eagle Fuel Perks!

14. When I was working in Public Relations, I received an evaluation that stated in the weaknesses section: “Entirely too enthusiastic.” I now have that statement engraved on my iPod.

15. I love superhero movies. I love them. I love all of them such as Batman, Fantastic Four, Superman, X-Men, but most of all, Spiderman. “With great power comes great responsibility.” What an awesome motto for our USA, don’t cha think?!

16. I would choose red wine over dessert any day.

17. This past November, I became a National Board Certified Teacher! Hooray!

18. I have been a fan of the show ER since it started, and I will cry when it ends this year.  (I miss ER.  Forget Grey’s, I want me some ER.)

19. I love Sharpie markers and colorful Post-it notes.

20. We used to own a Victorian home. (Did anyone see the film “The Money Pit”? Yeah, well I lived it.)

21. I like cheese.  A lot.

22. I am secretly addicted to “The Bachelor” and wish I knew of someone to nominate to be on the show because I would write them one heck of a recommendation letter!

23. I named our son Luke not just because it is Biblical, but more because of Star Wars. May the Force be with all of you!

24. I love pets, but I am allergic to most of them.

25. I secretly listen to Duran Duran when no one is home.