The Scarlett Syndrome

In college, I wrote a lengthy paper about the Scarlett Syndrome. I labeled this as the “think about all things that are stressful at a later time” tactic.

This is how I feel about everything at the moment.

A new school year has approached and the drama of it all makes me feel queasy. For example, I was told that I had a certain stipend position, only to find out that it was posted and now I have to go up against a halitosis, fire breathing nerd for the job. I almost feel like saying “whatever” and letting the school deal with the penny loafer wearing, asexual man who wants any stipend he can get. Ha.

But, even with the stress of the start of school, my ultimate concern is the students. So like a good person, I am going to do the right thing and I am still going to step up and grab that position.

Back to the Scarlett Syndrome. Last night I had three chapters to read in the novel so I will be one little step in front of the students. Did I read? Nope. Not one word. Instead I played a very addictive game on the iPad called Peggle. Don’t even Google it – it is so addictive. Really.

Well, I should dive deeper into this topic but I am not going to because I have five chapters to read tonight. Maybe I will play a quick game of Peggle first to get “in the mood.” Ha.