Why Act My Age?

Later this year I turn (gulp) 40.  And with this big birthday around the corner, I began thinking that maybe I should start acting my age.

Because here is the thing:  I don’t act my age.  I just don’t.  Mostly because I don’t know how an almost 40-year-old is supposed to act.  Is there a textbook on this or something I can download on my Kindle to explain how to act my age?  No?  Really, no?  Hmmm.  I didn’t think so.

Which brings me to my question, do I really need to act my age?

These are some things I am pondering.  So should an almost 40-year-old:

  • Skip or dance down the hallway if no one is around?
  • Enjoy a trip to Toys-R-Us as much as my dudes do?
  • Sing loudly and poorly and not be embarrassed even in the grocery store?
  • Say words like “cool,” “sweet” and “cute” frequently?
  • Sport a pony tail frequently?
  • Be mesmerized by glittery things (oooh, pretty!)?
  • Chew gum and blow bubbles?
  • Making up crazy car dances when certain songs come on like Train’s Drive By or Madonna’s Borderline?
  • Use hand gestures that resemble those of a 13-year-old drama queen?
  • Cry when people are mean to animals in movies?
  • Laugh really loud and not care who hears me (Valleygirl96 aka Brainvomit40 knows my laugh travels miles)?
  • Go to the midnight showings of all of the Twilight movies and the final two Harry Potter films (and consider dressing up for the latter)?
  • Giggle when the word fart or poop is mentioned?
  • Jump up and down when I am happy or excited about something?
  • Sneak Halloween candy from my dudes?
  • Take super silly pictures of random things on my iPhone (wanna see my picture of the rock that cracked my windshield)?
  • Screen calls from assorted people (sorry, Mom!)?
  • Take almost daily naps after school (thanks to The Captain this can happen!)?
  • Continue my text conversation with my brother that contains newly created words like poopalicious, poopapalooza and poopsicle?
  • Randomly speak in different accents (my Southern and New Jersey ones are best!)?
  • Give silly nicknames to everyone (Sorry again, Crazy Pat, I mean Mom!)?

I guess my final question is what is age appropriate? And who would be the role models of success to tell me and demonstrate the proper age I need to adjust to?  Because if I don’t have any idea, then I am just going to keep doing what I’m doing.  Like speaking in a Yoda voice and saying, “May the Fourth Be With You.”  Because, after all, Star Wars rocks, it is May 4th and I am a kid at heart.

Yes, I grew up in the 80s.

Here goes nothing…

Reasons you know you were in high school during the 80s:

1.  You laugh any time you hear the name Long Duck Dong.

2.  You secretly crave a red Porsche 944.

3.  You know how to put lipstick on without using your hands.

4.  You really want to see the movie Hot Tub Time Machine.

5.  You have caught yourself saying the phrase “Hot Beef Injection” at inappropriate times.

6.  You still think Judd Nelson is cute.

7.  You are thrilled that leggings and slouchy boots are back in style.

8.  When you think of Madonna, you think of a cone bustier.

9.  You saw Tiffany, Debbie Gibson or Jack Wagner in concert and sometimes wonder how they are doing.

10. You are mesmerized by any VH1 specials on the 80s.

11.  You can still sing all the words to every Wham and Duran Duran song.

12. You sometimes wish that pegging pants was still in.

13. You can recite lines from Sixteen Candles and Dirty Dancing.

14. You justify that your hair didn’t look so bad in your senior picture.

15. You listen to XM’s 80s on 8 and get teary that new music just isn’t the same.