The Have to Versus Want to

This weekend has been all about what I “have to” do.  I have to de-Christmas, which is just painful.  I have to grade a ton of papers, which is time-consuming.  I have to clean the house because of the de-Christmasing.  I have to organize holiday gifts and put them all away.  I have to find places for the umpteen Lego sets that Kris Kringle brought.  And, according to Real Simple and Oprah magazines, I have to declutter and “take charge of the things in my life.” Now, it is getting depressing.

As I turn up the iPod and blast some Bare Naked Ladies tunes from their album digital download Born on a Pirate Ship (which is almost a flashback to my early twenties when I had a Charlie Brown Christmas tree with one ornament on it and it took like five seconds to take down Christmas), I begin thinking about all of the things I want to be doing instead of the task – or tasks – at hand.

Here are things I want to do today:

I want to read the second book in the Hunger Games series.

I want to play some mindless game on my iPad.

I want to hang with my little guys and rock at Super Mario on the Wii.

I want to “pin” everything cute that I could ever want to own on Pinterest.

I want to return rejected Christmas gifts and shop for fun stuff.

I want to edit and post some pictures I took over the holidays.

I want to take a nap.

I want to take a nice long walk outside with a good friend.

I want to watch my secret guilty pleasure waiting for me on my DVR,  The Vampire Diaries.

I want to peruse Facebook and like all of my friend’s posts that are worth liking.

I want to watch one of my gifts – The King’s Speech, The Walking Dead, The Tudor’s Final Season, The Smurf’s Movie.

I want to bake.  Well, scratch that.  I really don’t want to bake but it does sound more fun than taking down two trees and cleaning.  But the more I think about it, I would have to clean the kitchen so totally scratch this last one.

Does the “have to” list have to take over?  Today it has.  I am going to stop whining, though, and just have a Yuengling and keep working.  Then maybe tomorrow I can start on my “want to” list.

As Mary Poppin’s said, “With every job that has to be done, there is an element of fun.”  Cheers and bottoms up.

A "have to" to help with the "have to" list.