Thirsting for Thursday and Yuengling

The latest fascination to come to Ohio is not what one would normally expect.  No celebrity made a special visit here.  No politician came through on a train waving to the crowds.  No steel plant began making a Jetson-type flying automobile.  But one thing came to Ohio and caused a big stir (or froth, if you will) and that was Pennsylvania’s own Yuengling Lager.

Now I know that a beer making its way into Ohio may not seem like a big deal, but this was epic.  The arrival of this beer had major news coverage – TV, internet, newspapers and basically lit up Facebook and Twitter as if the President was giving everyone all of their income tax back.  The beer of beers was finally to be released in Ohio.  Buckeye epic.

When something as extraordinary as this happens, people begin to brag.  One guy I know told everyone that the craze would fizzle out right after it started.  He went on to boast that there are other micro brews that are bigger, stronger and tougher.  Whatever, dude.  Go have another Coors Light.

For many years before this amazing arrival, my husband and I have always picked up a case of this special brew in Pennsylvania.  It was always nice to have it in the fridge, and nice to know that on our next visit there we would do the same again. Which leaves me to my point:  Gone were the days when we would grab a case on our way back to Ohio, but hello to the days of running (driving) only two short miles to get the amazing micro brew.  Now, I don’t have to spend any extra money on gas driving to Pittsburgh because Giant Eagle has my Yuengling.

But, is all of the hype really worth it?  Was it really necessary to skip the important news and completely ramp up the arrival a beer that has been available in 14 other states for quite a while?  I am reminded of George Orwell’s novel 1984.  In the book, the “government” was all about distracting the public from their mundane lives with sports, pornography, gambling and alcohol.  Well, welcome to Ohio!  The arrival of Yuengling has done just that.  Who cares that the Browns are a horrible team because, hey, we’ve got Yuengling.  Who cares who is running for President because, yes, we’ve got Yuengling.  Who cares that Ohio’s businesses are leaving the state because, dude, we’ve got Yuengling.  Who cares that the economy is in the toilet because, sweet, we’ve got Yuengling.

Welcome home, Yuengling.  Ohio loves you.  Now, to getting some legalized gambling here and we will be all set.  Epic.

Here is an epic link to an article about the arrival of Yuengling.

Tonight, I've got my Yuengling.