Spider-Man, Superheroes and Me

I love superheroes and I love superhero movies.  I get excited about the new ones ready to grace the silver screen.

Apparently, this is strange for an almost 40 year old woman to clap and cheer in a movie theater when a trailer for The Avengers comes on. According to The Captain, it is very embarrassing for an almost 40-year-old woman to react “strongly” at a clip of a superhero movie.  Cranky Captain.

Basically, The Captain thinks my love of superheroes is somewhat strange.

Underwear that was fun to wear. Photo from Wikipedia.org

I blame my brother.  He had the coolest superhero stuff when we were kids.  He had tons of action figures.  He had a red cape that was as majestic to me as a holiday Barbie.  He had it all.  He also had these super cool Underoos with various comic book characters on them.  There was a Batman pair, a Robin pair, a Superman pair, and, of course, a Spider-Man pair.  The girl’s Underoos basically stunk.  They only had flowers or butterflies on them or, sometimes, the elusive Wonder Woman pair would be found at Target or Venture and my mom would pick those up for me.  But sadly, there were barely any other superhero ones for girls.  Later I found that the makers of Underoos realized there was, in fact, a solid girl’s market and began making Supergirl, Princess Leia, and even Batgirl ones.  Wish I had those… Bummer.

Here he is. Photo credit: film.com

I blame my mom.  My mom, Crazy Pat, took us to all of the Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve.  I was riveted.  I would sit there, barely even touching my popcorn, as I watched the man in red and blue save the day.  I may have even teared up when Superman was thrown into the Coke sign in Times Square.  I was so thankful when he got himself out of that mess.

I blame Batman.  In high school, I was the best girl to take to the movies.  I was more than willing to sit through all of the Batman movies (Val Kilmer, if you are out there in blog land, you were and always will be my favorite Batman).

I blame Marvel Comics.  They created the Amazing Spider-Man, which happen to be my favorite of all the supers.  It could happen, right?  It could be marginally possible, right?  A regular dude could be bitten by a radioactive spider and develop super powers could be, right?  Well, maybe not, but that may be a small reason why love the Spider-Man movies.  The other reason?  Tobey Maguire makes a very convincing Spidey.  And when the Spider-Man movies are on TV, even though I own them all, I am drawn to them like a fly to a web.

Spidey himself. Photo credit: wikipedia.org

So, I anxiously await The Avengers movie.  I am on the edge of my seat about the new Spider-Man film.  And I think I may owe Stan Lee a high five because he is a cool dude.  If only they had some Spider-Man Underoos for me, I would be all set.

Oh, and to The Captain, can I get a “woot woot” and a “hooray” and even a “yee haw” for the new movies?  No?  Oh well.  I will have to send Spider-Man to deal with you.  (Maniacal laugh goes here!)