Coffee Mug Crusade

When it comes to travel coffee mugs, I have horrible luck.

Now I know this isn’t a deep topic, but I realized this morning as I stared into the cupboard that I only have three travel mugs left in existence.  There is an eight to ten extinction rate with my travel mugs.

This is a problem for it seems I can never find the perfect mug.

Or, it seems that no mug will ever fulfill its sacred duty: traveling day to day with me to school and back and living to tell about it.

For some reason, I have incredibly bad luck when it comes to travel mugs.

I blame my husband, The Captain, for part of it.  He does not heed to the warnings imprinted on the bottom of the coffee mugs.  Many say, “Not dishwasher safe.”  He believes they say, “Put in dishwasher. Hope they last.”

The Disney one is the first one, followed by the rest that are now long gone.

The Disney one is the first one, followed by the rest that are now long gone.

One of my favorites came out of the dishwasher in the shape of a lava lamp.  Another ended up with so much condensation inside it looked like it came straight out of the rainforest.

And then the worst of all.  My Disney Finding Nemo mug began to leak.  From the bottom.  Leaking water, not coffee.  I do not understand how this is possible, but, alas, it is.

Darn.  I love that mug.

So, now, I am in a quest to find quality travel mugs that can a.) withstand being useful each and every day of the school year, and b.) withstand The Captain’s insatiable desire to put anything and everything into the dishwasher.

Wish me luck!

26 thoughts on “Coffee Mug Crusade

  1. It’s the opposite for us. I don’t drink coffee, and my husband picks his up at Starbuck’s on the way to work, and yet we have a seemingly endless supply of travel mugs. Most have a business logo on them, a token of appreciation for our business or our donation or what have you. After a few years, I collect them up and give them to Good Will, knowing full well they’ll once again accumulate.

  2. We have a ton of travel mugs but somehow they’re all in Mrs. CV’s car…dirty. What I don’t get is why someone would even invent a non-dishwasher safe anything? Boggles the mind.

  3. Are cupboard full seems to have dwindled as well. No dishwasher incidents to report. He-Who tends to leave them on the roof of the car and drive off with them there. It isn’t until coffee comes streaming down the front window of the car that he remembers.

  4. My parents only use travel coffee mugs anymore – and it’s a pain in the butt. They, too, put them all in the dishwasher, but after a few months I’m left trying to match up lids to cups and end up just tossing them all in their cabinet. I ended up buying some cheap plastic glasses and hid them in their kitchen so that when I came over I didn’t have to dig for a glass!

  5. Too bad about your misadventures with travel mugs. The good ones aren’t cheap either.
    I had a ‘company’ mug gifted to me, a stainless steel but after ten years, the screw securing the handle disintegrated. Another gifted steel mug flew off the roof of my car. I have since purchased a rhinestone cherry red, Mr. Coffee mug but it’s too pretty and I miss a handle. I broke down and bought one at the dollar store and I LOVE it. It has a handle. The cheapest of the cheapest does a great job and it has a handle. Now all I need to worry about is not to leave it on the roof of my car and driving off or forgetting it somewhere. It’s my fav.

    Oh, the stories our travel mugs can tell. 😀

  6. Know what you mean and I bought a special mug for you from Las Vegas…very glittery. Now, to find the safe place where I put it!

  7. I have Carrie’s problem, too! The darn things multiply around our house. I am the only one who doesn’t use them, but also seem to be the only one who gets tired of seeing them piling up in the kitchen sink and actually washes them.

  8. I have one word for you: Contigo. I bought the Contigo brand travel mug about 5 years ago, and we did purchase new lids, but that’s it. Two coffee mugs, for about $20 at Costco. They keep the coffee so deliciously hot and they pass my criteria: Must be able to fit into the car cup holder. Good luck!

      • (I can’t figure out how to reply to you directly, so I’m replying to myself.) I think you will be satisfied, and I look forward to reading a future post called: Travel mug problem solved. To be clear, we only needed lids after about 4 years… after so many drops & falls it was nice to replace the plastic piece. Still going strong, use it nearly every day.

  9. I have to agree with jaymers up there and give Contigo a thumbs up. I got one as a Christmas gift for my husband years ago and he actually complained that it worked too well – it kept the coffee too hot! So if you like hot coffee and a cup that can go in the dishwasher, check out Contigo travel mugs.

  10. Gotta comment that the fourth one in your row was the one they gave us that one year for “teacher appreciation week.” It was never a good one from the beginning. I’m pretty sure the students picked those out because when I tried to use mine, the coffee leaked out and straight down my shirt. That one wasn’t your fault!

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